Does my post title seem to bear any reference to Rakhi Sawant’s latest show – aah well if it does I am not surprised. For Rakhi ka Insaanf gives me the drama which the new avatar of Dolly Bindra in Big Boss 4 fails now days and thereby leaves my weekdays drab!

 And then I stumbled upon this and was bewildered.


 I don’t know how many of you remember my love for Munni and her sense of commitment ( I put her above Heer Ranjha and Soni Mahiwaal you see – please let’s not go Greek over our ‘desi girls’!!!), so this very comparison left me like – Ya Right!

 Though I vehemently disagree with all the brownie points given to Shiela, I think I can understand from where it comes from – the line where she goes “I’m too sexy for you”!

After all its all about the chase you see. And Munni loses our just there. 😥

For Munni is this simple girl, who wants to soothe her lover’s pain, who wants to be sexy, intoxicating but then can give it all up to be demure – just for her love. She’s infamous true – but then again for love. She’s regular so her name suggests for each common girl has an unnoticed love story to tell – history says, the present nods, the future gears up to face.

 While Shiela with her name comes out of the coveted ‘Playboy’ magazine – over whom you can lust but then when could you have poster girls like her in your life?

As she sings “I know you want it, But never going to get it”, it excites the male ego for they love such chases. The mystery in a woman not giving in has always enthralled a man and then Munni seems just a ‘next-door-girl’ who is throwing herself at her man!

 Sheila challenges the male ego by being material by making it clear that:

Paisa gaadi mehnga ghar

I need a man who can gimme all that

Jaibein khaali fateechar

No no I don’t, I don’t like that

 So when the same man hears Munni singing that:

“Ho kaise anaari se paala pada ji paala pada

Bina rupaiye ke aake khada mere peechay pada”

And that for such a man she’s ready to go from ‘item’ to ‘aam’, the male ego takes her for granted – as the perfect back up, for times when probably she won’t be able to live up to the expectations of Shiela the ‘material girl’!

Shiela is self-centered and the perfect narcissist and to any man his woman loving anyone (be it herself!) more than him is not acceptable so when Shiela sings that:

“Ab dil karta hai haule haule se, main toh khud ko gale lagaun

  Kisi aur ki mujhko zaroorat kya, main toh khud se pyaar jataun”

Munni’s chants based on Ghalib’s words that “Pyaar mein badnaam huye toh kya Ghalib naam na hua” … somewhere loses out! She appears then a rustic girl too desperate, while Shiela appears to be just out of the ‘Sex and the City’ fame – clicking stilettos and not giving a damn to the bunch of flowers and dinner invites lying in her mailbox!

 As Shiela cajoles men to utter her name, she builds up the craving of the man who wants to go for the oomph she oozes, and then Munni who admits her downfall in love is sidelined – for the one is hand always looks inferior to the one in the bush right?

 But still, Munni is the winner for she epitomizes love while Shiela is all about oomph and lust that shall die away someday when her ‘jawani’ is no more. But Munni shall live on for she is not scared to grow old from ‘amiya’ to ‘aam’ in love.

 Someday when all the ‘jawani’ is over Munni, people will appreciate you – just wait and watch. Your sacrifice shall not go a waste! As for Shiela all the best for your ‘jawani’ hope Rekha is your inspiration!