I think I was about 4 when I took the stage for the first time. I don’t even know how I memorised those long lines – but Ma says I took to the stage like a fish taking to water. When I tell people that public speaking and the stage has never scared me and that even if I sweat in the green-room, when the lights came on I am all fine – they say it’s in my blood. True that! For my parents have taught me the love for stage, like no one else has. Being avid theatre lover and performers themselves (they still perform every year during Durga Puja for our apartment programs and various clubs back at home) they made me learn the rush of adrenalin on stage with the spot-light on early on. No wonder the tag Drama Queen fits me so well guys!

Mumbai – my first love at the age of 12. Amongst other reasons there lay this too that this city loves performing arts like no other in the country. If Broadway sounds big to you, perhaps you should do what I love doing here the most – watching a play at the NCPA (The Tata Centre – National Centre of Performing Arts) and then perhaps you would know the passion that speaks every time the curtain rises.

I compare it with my Bangalore escapades but nothing matches. My then BF was this budding rockstar (don’t ask me where is he now – I was 20 then people!!!! And now it seems as old as the History of India!!!) and so I was the fancy young butterfly who if in town would go to attend all his concerts at the Palace Grounds (more than the music I think it was the tag of being the ‘girl of the performer’ which gave me the reason to cut lines, be saluted by the security and rush into the Green-room as others looked on and mouthed ‘bitch’ was what lured me), but trust me no banging of head to pseudo Pink Floyds can take me on a high the way Shabana Azmi, Shefali Shah or today Vir Das did.

As I watched the ‘History of India’ I wanted to message dad that why ain’t any of the friend’s sons you seek to introduce me to as a ‘good catch match’ like him? I mean Dude get me someone like this and then perhaps I can re-think of my celibacy vows! But no, as the History says like all good men this one too is taken!!!!

History of India, is best described in the Bong man’s (yes I say it with a LOT of pride here) words when he describes it as,

“A little bit of fact, a whole lot of fiction, some satire, and a lot of pride make “History of India ‘Vir’itten” a truly historical experience that shows how much humour there is in heritage.”

True it’s our journey from the Pangea stage to the present Obama visit through nothing but satire about Bengali laziness and mad Delhi farm house parties, or the flashy Gujju’s and the Marathis Manus. But it’s us in the end and that is what the best part is all about. No where through the play or through satire do you feel degraded or disconnected. It’s a play I want my Anarkali to watch so that tomorrow she knows the difference between satire and mocking when she talks about her country. Its the perfect way to make people realise that ‘he who can laugh at himself the world dare not laugh at him.’ You’ll clap at the satire, somewhere you will feel like slipping under your chair, but at the end of the historical journey you’ll stand tall as an Indian.

It was all worth a mad Sunday evening . Life is so much worth living in a city which makes you stand tall as a proud citizen and human being each day – Mumbai does that to me every time. No wonder it’s called the city of dreams, awe and realisation – it’s truly Mumbai Meri Jaan! (Just wish if you could introduce me to Vir Das when he was single!)

Happy Mumbai Monday guys! So how went your weekend?


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