Friday doesn’t spell “Fun” .. instead the ‘n” is replaced by “ck” (which though often in public I feign as “freak” but today left it raw!) when:

  •  You wake up at 5 by your alarm clock and then while pretending attempting  sleep off in a weird position that leaves you with a BAD neck pain! 😥
  •  You come to work at 8 am and it’s only at 11 am that you realize that you haven’t signed and stand to lose out on the day’s pay! Whoever says money is all Maya n stuff gets a serious whack!!!! 👿
  •  It turns out to be a chilly cool morning, outside and  you are stuck up in a/c cubicle check the weather update which reads “rainy weekend”!!! Arrrrgggghhhh! 😦
  •  You think u are calling your bestest male buddy, but it turns out that your friend has called her BF last night (after you’ve had the unfinished chat with your buddy) and so without realizing you call up your friend’s guy and end up telling him stupid things!!! i mean hello is it my fault that all sleepy guys sound the same – well almost. I mean they barely anything beyond Hmmmm… ookkk.. yaaa.. mmmmm!!!!) 🙄 😳 🙄
  •  A stupid fire drill siren in office, leaves you with a bad headache and leads you to an undiscovered terrace, from which you plan to throw down the floor fire marshall. But instead he threatens you and succeeds in pulling you down to the drill! 👿
  •  A sneak out for coffee turns scary when a road side book seller those pirated book sellers you spot in Mumbai) decides to haunt you by running along your taxi, catching the window, while you scream (your friend laughs her head off!!!) the world watches and the taxi driver speeds!!! It was scary .. but M is still going gaga over the filmy way he said “Le lijiye Didiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii” before the taxi driver finally managed to get him off the window! 😯
  •  Your landlord turns a meanie 😈 and in a fit of anger you serve him notice. Aaarrrgghhhhh house hunting weekends!!!! 😥
  •  You decide that hair spa is all you need and book an appointment when your Busienss Group calls you and fixes a meeting with a client which will last earliest upto 12 am! Yes yes .. its been this way for quite sometime now! 😥

 I think I have started liking weekdays over weekends… at least I can calm myself down by saying ‘this is normal for everyone’ and not sulk when I see others picking up their bags and leaving as I type this!

 Btw anyone who updates me at 9 as to who got eliminated from Big Boss today, gets a …. Errr nothing! Just do it people.. be nice to this worked out soul!