Okay so I am about 24 hours late. Well technically Thanksgiving is long over. Even my Mexican cousin is on the way of wrapping up her party. I spoke to her kids – tried to explain to them in a mix of Bengali and Nepali about Charulata’s entry into our lives and they rattle away in Spanish about their just over party. I listen quietly as I hear as to how they thanked God for everything good and try to appear all grown up and profound.

 As I sit here with my Krishna smiling at me today, I wonder whether I too should add a Thanks giving prayer to him. Then I look outside at the sky from my cubicle here – the dark cloudy skies with the sunshine pouring out at places where the cloud cover are a bit busted. It’s then that I find my Thanks giving prayer – the one that befits me. So here it is…

 Thank you for the palmful of sun peeping through the covers – it’s almost as if you say “strive for the light even in your darkest days”

 Thank you for the dark cover of the clouds – it’s like a mother giving her cover to cry for the children who just lost their loved ones today.

 Thank you for the preceding Thanksgiving and the Friday today – it’s heartening to walk down Haji Ali like each day watching the old chacha pray – looking around and wishing well, despite his fellow mate vandalizing you two years back. Thank you for teaching me objectivity today.

 Thank you for the little nip in the early morning air – it’s your way of running a shiver down, so that we never forget, what it feels to be cold and face death!

 Thank you for the special invite the people here have sent me – the spirits teach me that life is to be celebrated and not events.

 Thank you for the policeman who still guards the same place where his brother was shot – it teaches me how to face the worst fears eye to eye and learn and grow.

 Thank you Mumbai – for if God is a nothing but spiritual guess it takes his inspiration from the ‘spirit’ you spread around!

 My Thanksgiving goes to you …. I shall always be indebted to you for making me a wise human being and a proud citizen! What else can thanking be all about? And who else can be a greater God than the spirit that inspires you to live and love?


Top) 25 November 2010 ( Sanskrut Kuma/Mint), (below) 26 November 2010 (AFP)