And so we all know that money talks* and blogging doesn’t pay,
But it does help is to sing, dance and together go ‘yaaayyyy’.
It makes us realize that little is needed when friends are near,
And that unknown faces can too at times be pillars to ward of the ‘worst fear’.

 And so we wake up in the morning light,
With a girl who pulls on her blue jeans and feels all right**,
She’s the kind of girl you bring home to your mother
She looks good in blue jeans even better under covers!*** 


(Ahem – last line not exactly my mind talk u see – might be someone else’s but “Dude” how will I know whose? 😛 )

She’s the same one you saw once,
frolicking in the garden
hair blowing in the breeze
bare feet, torn jeans
a musical treat flutters within the trees
picking daisies along the way
weaves a halo of delight
places it upon her head
giggles float among fluffy clouds
as she dances like a princess
in daisies and blue jeans****

 She stands there still, smile intact,
A bit of goofiness brightening up each act.
Some might say she needs to be the other way,
But then again when has ‘someone’ else lived your day?

 For when she’s the one to witness a romantic octagenarian sunset,
The same ones will call her to remind her of her blessed fate,
And then just like now, with a bit of smile and spark in her eyes,
She would speaketh these words wise

 I made a vow not long ago
that forever will I be in blue jeans
as only then can I somehow hang on to my dreams
and find comfort in knowing that in them
I can still read, dream, and write
and maybe, just maybe
I can once again escape
to some enchanting place
and find magic there that somehow seems to evade me
in my every day life.*****

May you live each of your dreams, over and over again each day girl – till they inspire you to build new ones and continue the cycle.

May life be a celebration and each Birthday a perfect excuse to celebrate such a wonderful life to the fullest!

Happy B’day DI !

I hope this last bit sweetens your day 😀


P.S: The above piece is not original.

Since DI’s blog address is based on a famous number by Neil Diamond about a girl in blue jeans, I have tried to collect snippets of sings and poetry on girls in blue jeans (there’s something about blue jeans and the comfort they provide to life right? – same with having DI around trust me ! :D) and make an assimilation which I yearn to but can’t call my own (though I have lined it with my thoughts in some places :D) .

The credit rolls follow as under

* Forever in Blue Jeans by Neil Diamond
**  Jeans On by Keith Urban
*** Blue Jeans by Silvertide
**** Daisies and Blue Jeans by Willow
***** Forever I’ll be in Blue Jeans by Dixie Davis
****** Forever and Ever by Demis Roussos