What happens when a kuwari (happily unmarried) girl’s father decides to go on a 4 month long vacation, leaving little contact details behind assuring his endless cousins that he shall call them and keep them updated, but they must take care of his daughter (over calls of course – thank God I don’t have relatives in this part of the world!) ???? The girl in question misses her Mumbai Monday post after a dramatic weekend and ends up typing this! 👿

 To all my uncles and aunts as if meeting over annual luncheons was not enough to enquire when I am taking the most ‘important’ (read disastrous) step of my life, that now you in the pretext of welfare cease to remember that SUNDAY 7AM IS MIDNIGHT FOR ME! 😯 👿 😯

 And yes of course if I ever lay my hands on the journalist who introduced the concept of Sunday matrimonial and got every Bengali back at home hooked on to it (oh! It doesn’t matter whether your home has a marriage daughter or not – the reason that your cousin sister’s- daughter in law’s- first cousin’s-uncle’s son’s daughter is of marriageable age is good enough for the entire household to discuss prospective grooms over the morning cuppa) I swear I’ll make no qualms to inject rum in his butt (yes that’s my latest fascination – injecting rum into round and squishy objects and errr… tight ones too!) 🙄

A groggy morning was suddenly pepped up when an old friend who bore my morning gloom forwarded me the link to 50 reasons not to marry a Bengali man – I agreed with each one of them. In fact I even contemplated as to whether this is the reason why I haven’t truly dated a single Bengali man in my life! As I cracked up and wanted to read more – the Great Bong’s defense of the Bengali man himself, did little to change my prejudices. 😥

Sunday lunch was unconsciously Bong (of course!) and so as I burped away to glory without feeling conscious (yay to bachelor life!), suddenly it struck me what if I do not end up messing up the life of a well-brought-up-well-mannered-well educated- well settled (and all the  well(s) which you can probably u can find in the worlds’ largest well!) Bengali guy? 🙄

 Then what?

Aah well since we know that despite Konkana Sen Sharma’s gradmother told her in  Omkara (see the quotes section of the link) that the road to the man’s stomach is not exactly through his stomach, but through the organ below it (!!!!!! – don’t ban me!!!! :oops:) I still stick to old saying. Hence, this week I wondered what if I get stuck with a good-old Southy Guy (they come closest to Bengali guys mind you!!!! – now you know why Y 😛 ) and thinking got me here 😛


 So do I see any Hindu matrimonial being ruffled now? 😛