As a kid …

 I always thought Johnson & Johnson were two brothers who were the first people to learn to shit and hence my shit-pot at home had their name.

 I always resorted to ‘sitting on the throne’ when I was bored because that is where I could read my comics without being bugged by my sister.

 I measured my growth by the measure whether my legs could reach the floor when I sat on the throne.

 As a grown up …

 I am still fascinated by shit pots and spent an hour at the showroom admiring a 1 lac worth shit pot! (Called up dad to ask if any ‘special’ type of shit was needed to be produced for this – he gave me an answer which I CANNOT post here!)  

 Mom calls me each time she watches ‘Taare Zameen Par’ to let me know that the scene where Ishaan dreams sitting on the shit pot seems straight out of my childhood.

 It’s a fact guys that no matter how you are grossed out and eeewwwwd out we all have toilet stories to share. (I have a few hilarious ones which I still get black mailed for!)


So here’s paying an ode to all those wonderfully gross yet unforgettable and hilarious stories – Happy Toilet Day people!


So what’s your favorite toilet story?  Trust me share and make this a god weekend read! 😉 😉

Gyaan of the day: A UN Report quotes that India has more mobile phones than toilets and tops the list of countries where people use open toilets.