Ok I steal this idea from Comfy – to post a pic on the Wordless Wednesday and then explain what went behind it. So here it goes – the story behind “the fruit salad pic” 😛

 S: Is that all that we are doing for M’s bday?

Me: 🙄 yea … all that we have been doing for the past two days is just so not enough na 👿 ???

S: No .. I mean u know u are the one that has fun ideas so …

Me: *ego boosted* – of course I have fun ideas else the parties would be so drab.

S: Yesss.. but this party will be drab!

Me: Errr… ok let’s go and get some oranges now that the booze is stocked!

S: WHAT??????

 She is dragged and we buy “imported” oranges at 10 pm, for a bomb from the neighborhood import item shop!

 After that, S stands witness to this:

 Me: Uncle one disposable injection, please!

Me: No No uncle a bigger one, 2ml wont do!

Me: No, uncle 5ml is also small!

Uncle: Why do u need it? Which injection? *curious and suspicious look*

Me: It’s for my doggy uncle – he’s ill! *giving the best puppy look and quivering lips*

Uncle: Oho beta – here take the 10ml one!

 The happy Me drags S out of the store lest her 🙄 expression gives the entire gimmick away!

So at home we are all set like I showed you yesterday. All excited to pull this one-off.

 And then we sit down to make the oranges more juicy for the salad like this:


 After feeding the oranges with about half bottle of Rum, and after using two rolls of kitchen tissue – we managed to have the perfect drunken oranges of all times. They squirted in our eyes as we tried to inject rum – we had to squish them at various places to get the liquid in and then there were the rebel ones when as we injected through one point it oozed out through a previously injected point.

 But aaaahhh – after millions and zillions of tissue wipes – squishings and patient patting in 4 hours it was half a bottle down!!!

 The end over night refrigerated result was served in an awesome b’ay party – where we enacted “the scene” from Harry met Sally as we popped them in our mouths!

 Try it guys its awesome. Next time its watermelon n vodka – I just need to find a vet medical shop before that! 😉

Leaving you with a ‘this time’ wala pic for now ;P


Tips in case you are inspired 😛 :

1. If trying with oranges make sure they are a bit soft. We had 2 extra tight ones and they took loooaaaads of patience to get the liquor in.

2. Try to roll the fruit around as you inject it. This helps in the liquid going in faster.

3. If the fruit is too tight try scrapping off the skin at places – it helps to loosen up the fruit.

4. Do not apply to much force with the needle – if the fruit is tight it might break or just back squirt on your face.

5. While injecting in a ‘already tormented’ fruit make sure to cover all past insertion points with tissue as you pierce again.

6. Try to avoid injecting in the same point as much possible.

7. If u run out of patience, just cut the fruit up and soak it overnight in a bowl of liquor (this was S’s idea as she ran out of patience and I refused to give in!)

8. And yes of course sipping little portions of the liquor add to patience and boosts energy 😛 !!!

9. Make sure to rub in the friend for whom you are planning this – we did it and got a party out of M 👿

10. And yes of course – if you try ut dare you forget inviting me over!!!!! 👿


Edited to Add: If the above recipe made you sit up – this awesome fruit punch recipe at Ritu’s will make you fall off your chair – you imagining driking it of course!  😈