My entire family has 3 stories to share:

First: A little kiddie pig tailed girl praying for 6 years on each fallen eyelash for a baby sister!

Second: Mahabharata was never a ‘historical’ event when we were kids!!!

Third:  NO ONE EVER dares to say anything about either – for the other one shall bash the speaker up!


Being siblings doesn’t mean talking endlessly or sharing each bit of lives – being siblings means just being there when the world gives up on you! Who knows this better than us? Right Didi?

So even though your Book on Sibling Testament reads at the very outset (in font 72, underlined and bold) that “Thou shalt have the right to bully till eternity” … I am glad that you took it up also for the last Testament which reads that “Thou shall have the duty to pamper beyond eternity”!

Happy B’day Didi!

You are still my Hero!

 (P.S: It’s all on text darling ….. this luuuuvvvvvv et al .. wait till I call to rub it in that I am still on the this side of the Big O 👿 👿 👿 )

(P.P.S: It’s DI’s mom’s bday too today! Another scorpian lady – so needless to say an awesome mom and human being. Happy Birthday Aunty – may there be happiness prosperity and solace today and always!)