Each day that passes with glitters on, we wish we could celebrate a different dawn.

We say that the heart urges to make a difference, to do away with mundane rituals that at times make little sense.

But then how many of us do that in real life?

Well the ‘Partner in Madness’ did it this year and made it a Dilwalon ki Diwali in the true sense of the word for a lot others. And needless to say am proud of him – more so coz we started this Mumbai Mondays together and ofcourse coz I’m the lucky one that gets to showcase a wonderful Mumbaikar who lit a million smiles this Diwali!

So while we struggled at home puffing up the cushions or ushering guests and debating on whether the jalebis were sweet enough, Harish decided to go a bit further to celebrate Diwali. Accompanied by our dear old Punto, he drove down to celebrate Diwali at Shantivan – the old age home at Panvel.

Inspired by a personal loss, and in an attempt to feel close to a lost beloved, Harish’s association with Shantivan dates long back, but this is the first time perhaps he gives us a glimpse of how truly in the suburbs of this vast city, joy and life is celebrated by people for whom the journey of life is almost considered to be over.

Located at Nere 5 kms away from Panvel on Panvel Matheran Road, Shantivan houses around 40 people, all of whom are considered to be a burden by the same souls whom they gave birth to and an identity once. Am sorry but like Harish I too fail to understand and associate with the thought that a reason can be so compelling as to push parents to an old age home, and this disturbs and bothers us on such occasions & beyond.

This year instead of feeling the urge to change, Harish actually thought about taking the step for the change and so what better occasion than Diwali to start the journey of smiles with Keshav Kaka and Vidya Tai?

Like every year the old but proud and youthful minded people of Shantivan celebrated Diwali in the most different and unique way you can think of.

While we think life ends at 60, here were 2 wonderful gentlemen who showed that passion and zeal shows the way to live on in high spirits even in the 90s.

Their soulful singing moved even the celebrated Marathi lyricist present there. One can see in the videos captured by Harish the passion with which the old try to oust their crestfallen hearts and they and embrace festivities despite being one of the worst sufferers.

As Harish told me later, that they don’t inspire him to do a lot – they do more. They inspire him to be the child who he wishes and they desire. They help him smile and live life surrounded by unadulterated love. What more does the heart want?

True that Partner! I don’t want to play down how much you have touched each Mumbaikar today by using the words “noble” “sweet” “humanitarian” … but yes I just want to tell you that I hope we can show the world that our generation no matter how much it is coaxed for being detached, somewhere still holds the ground for people like you.

Keep it up and hope Shantivan is again featured in Mumbai Mondays soon! (This time hopefully with me in the picture too 😛 )

A true Dilwalon ki Diwali here at Mumbai Mondays where one amongst us tried to lit up faces and go beyond mundane diya lightings! 😛 😛

So how was yours??? Can u summarize it in a phrase? 😉 😉



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