Year – 1997

Occasion – Diwali                                                                                  

Location : Howrah Station, Calcutta

As the Howrah Nagpur express chugs into the station, all college students rush out to greet their parents – all but one.

A young girl late in her teens stands at the compartment door and refuses to step out till her mother assures her that there’s ‘chilli chicken’ for dinner and not Rajma as her younger sibling lip synchs from behind!

Screams over dinner for ‘good pieces’ of chicken said grandma were more festive like than the diyas that illuminate the house.



Year – 2010

Occasion – Diwali                                                                                    

Location: Netaji Subash Chandra Airport, Kolkata

The passengers are scurrying for their luggage while a young girl checks her SMS’s with furrowed eyebrows. As the luggage is collected and airport gates thrown open to warm arms, the first question that is shot is whether the elder sibling is right that there’s ‘baigan bharta’ for dinner instead of ‘mutton curry’.

Screams over web-cam displaying plates of good food and bowls of delectable mutton curry seemed to add more delight to the parents face than the well made Diwali rangoli.



Somethings never change, for everything else there’s more in store at home with family – Aah bliss!

Happy Diwali!