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What happens when 3 mad souls (with disconnected facets of madness of course!) plan a bachelorette party in a jiffy on a lazy Friday afternoon. The result is of course waking up on Saturday morning to discover you are on way to a wonderful trip.

 That is Bordi for you from the Mumbai Mad Caps – a quiet seaside village with a sprawling, uncluttered beach. The entire beach stretch is about 17 kms, lined with Casuarina trees..

 An idyllic seaside village, Bordi lies on the north end of Mumbai, 145 kms away, and 17 kms from the small town of Dahanu. 

It is absolutely a paradise for a lazy visitor over the weekend.

 Stretches of black sand and water level that does not rise above the waist level for around half a kilometer into the sea – makes it the perfect escape to run, ride and have fun.


3 girls living amidst the chickoo orchards, gave us the perfect reason to monkey around.

A lovely pool side and friendly staff, just added to the perfect atmosphere for a weekend relaxation.


The food though over priced was lovely and the Parsi touch in it made us hog till our stomachs threatened to burst.

 True that it’s an idyllic beach side with nothing much to offer after sunset, but then the morning activities of the fisherman and the way the waves sing and reach out to you, made us not for once crave for the Mumbai life.


To give a brief background of Bordi and Dhananu – both are primarily fishing villages, and the entire stretch has fruit orchards and is famous for its chickoos.

According to stories, this area was once a barren and isolated stretch, until the Iranis came here and inhabited it. Now it has many stately Parsi mansions and holiday homes. 

 As for sightseeing:

  • Santoshi Mata Mandir and the Mahalakshmi Temple are the popular temples in the area – it’s a lovely drive up the hills from where you can see the countryside till your eyesight permits 😉

  • One can also drop in at the famous Vrindavan Studios, where some of historical tele-serials were shot.
  • See the nearby Bharot Caves and the various other Jain and Hindu Temples there.
  • Udwada, near Dahanu, has the beautiful temple, The Mecca of Zoroastrians, housing the very revered fire said to have been kept alive for a thousand years or so – however only Parsis allowed here.
  • Or you can do what we did, just watched the sea – which of course had more than human love coming its way 😉

 As for tips for travelers:

  • Its a must if you have kids, for the beach is safe and almost all resorts have ample playing space – and yes needless to say its a wonderful learning experience for them.

  • Bordi doesn’t have alcohol shops (Dhananu has) so you need to stock up your own liquor.
  • There’s perpetual load shedding in the area in mornings and evenings, so make sure you go with a group who can jabber away time.
  • Food is over priced and no concept of MRP exists.
  • The area though safe, still raises eyebrows to female campers 😉

 And yes, if you love drives – it’s a must to drive down to Bordi – for the scenic beauty is unmatched and the roads with the peeping sun and the fresh air will make you fall in love with the country side all over again.


 Wish such trips never cease to come my way. But with Tamanna coming in my life, I don’t know how many travel posts I’ll be able to put up for Mumbai Mondays. But nonetheless as of this week let me bask in the memories of one of the most fun trips of my life.


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