Edited to Add: This post has been selected as the Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday pick for November 2, 2010. It humbles me and makes me stand touched that Tamanna has been so warmly received by all of you. I am not sure if Tamanna would understand this entire concept of blog world as of now, but yes I’ll tell her in my own way as to how much people are glad to know her. Thanks guys for standing by me!



I don’t know how many of you remember this wish of mine.

Yes yes – things were different then and wishes and dreams had a backing. But I can’t let dreams die out because suddenly I woke up without my back support right? I mean if I am living, breathing I should also dream right … as IHM said in her post – “The pain will never go, but you will smile again.

So here I welcome to my world Tamanna – my God child. After months of deliberation, after endless sleepless nights, after random chats with a soul sister and encouragement from another soul mate I took this decision last week.

I know it’s BIG, HUGE a responsibility, but I know I am ready. For I know if he was here with me, this wouldn’t be my solo decision and that Tamanna would be ushered in too.

I have always been active in the kiddo segment and so when I called up my favourite organisation wing in Mumbai and gave references of our association during the AILA episode, they were more than glad to help. Here I was introduced to the Nanhi Kali – Tamanna. It’s not her real name, but the name ‘we’ loved, so here is the escape. I am not to give out her background or her picture, because I don’t want people to tell me what a noble thing I am doing.

It’s high time we realise that we don’t mentor people to oblige them. It’s an association where both the individuals who need each other come close to grow up together in their individual and conjoint worlds. That’s why I needed Tamanna. To me the moment I met her she was the nanhi kali I wanted to bloom in the most fragrant way.

She is not to live in with me for seeing her tender age and her bond with her elder sibling I don’t want to displace her and yes of course the larger issue being am not ready for full-time adoption. So I have decided to mentor her in my own way. I am to meet her as many times as possible in a week and we shall decide the course of education, fun, and discover ways to handle life together.

When I met her today, I saw a fragile shy young girl who hid behind her grandmother and refused to face me. M4 had warned me earlier of the emotional baggage Tamanna was to come with, Minal had repeatedly told me that I should just be myself and let the warmth flow. So when her grandmother started talking to me in Marathi, I looked at her helplessly and confessed that I had come there so that I could learn Marathi.

The giggles started and the ice broke as we spoke about “boogie woogie”, name-place-animal-thing, and all that you can think of in your pig tailed days. There was something in her smile which made me realise that no matter how tough the road looks (yes it is tough – all of that in some other post) it’s not impossible.

I don’t know where this road will lead me, but one thing is for sure as I spoke to Ma about this and later M4 and Minal, I knew that I have angels to look over both of us – me and Tamanna and help us bloom.

Welcome Tamanna people – I need all of your wisdom and pranks to help this work! I hope it does. And Y no matter where you are, needless to say this is for you – for no matter what happened I can never take the credit out for the way you have changed my life!


Edited to Add: This is the last weekend of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month – A dreaded word which is like the bitter medicine we all must be aware about. I tried my bit by contributing about the legal rights of breast cancer patients at 2 guests posts @blogadda (When a pink ribbon is tied over the black advocate robe – Part I and Part II). Hope you adorned the pink ribbon too.