Lazy day in office means

… a trip to the kirana shop downstairs and longingly staring at the cigarette packs (with of course the doctor’s voice looming in large that how screwed your pharynx and juke box is !!!) and settling for a “bubble gum” instead.

 … coming back to desk and blowing “bubbles” with Ipod plugged in and giving some stupid approvals, when senior walks in from behind and taps you – you jump, the bubble bursts your face is splattered with a thin layer of splattered “bubble” gum and everyone else’s lazy day is suddenly VERY FUNNY a day!!!

 … an IPod that is perpetually stuck into your ear is suddenly whacked off with demands of  “make me listen to the most romantic song” on IPod … and a conversation that shouldn’t have happened:

            Me: Ok .. here

            C: Ewwww what is this?

            Me: I want to be your underwear – Bryan Adams (I love every line of that song!!!!)

           C: Ewww… I said romantic!

           Me: Duhhhh!!!! This is romantic

          C: Eerrr … ok what is the most romantic thing you have

           said to your guy.

            Me: Errrr … that I find his butt cute and that “I miss him” (yes I said that after 5 attempts to sound “cute’ and “whiny” and not sarcastic!)

           C: Hmmm … good! (We haven’t spoken still)

 … me wondering when was the last time I did or said anything romantic – Shit! It’s been ages, courtesy the man I have been with – two similar souls do harm I should know by now!

 … me counting my yawns and taking this pic…



… me charging my Ipod when C2 asks me if she can listen to songs when my IPod is being charged. I say no – she bugs me with her ‘whys” and the enlightenment that her IPod works while it is being charged and both of them are “Apple”. I look at her with “if boredom could kill look” and say “Yea yours is Washington Apple and mine is Shimla Apple!” – she changes her cubicle for the day!

 … me thinking what I will ever use as a perfect romantic mind blasting line for my guy (errr in case he chalenges me to be that is 😉 😉 ) and cannot go beyond Jeferry Archer’s – I want to be your stranger across the crowded room! (Just imagine a hot and cute 😉 stranger (intelligent looking too) across a crowded room who catches your eye and you’ll know what i mean)  

 Damn …. I am hopeless when it comes to romance and boredom eats my brain cells more than my sister in her ‘demnading moods’!!!

Maybe the afternoon biryani wasn’t enough – I need strawberry ice cream! Oh no darlings my kurta has not become tight, the tailor just stitched a size small to save on the threads!!!

So how has your day been?