Okay so finally here goes live Mumbai Mondays!

Owing to a few B’day posts for my dear friends – this Monday space had taken a back seat, but then again thanks to a certain ‘partner in madness’ I start flag off the journey this week.

 Ask any old Mumbaikar who is well aware of the Mumbai surroundings about the oldest bridges of the State, the mention of the Bal Ganga bridge is sure to come up.

 Recently in news for the dam to be build across the river, which proposes to quench the thirst of 4 nearby districts, Bal Ganga stands to mean more than a water reservoir when you visit it on an idyllic Sunday morning.


This place is a must if you love to hear the sound of the winds kissing the free flowing river or if water running through nooks of differently shaped rocks enthralls you.

 The greenery around makes you wonder if really Mumbai is just an hour away and then as the clouds rumble and threaten to burst you wonder about the sweaty night before that standing there would seem surreal.


About 40 kilometers from Panvel, while driving towards Goa, one needs to take a diversion before the Pen taluka to reach this wonderful river.

About 10 kms down the diversion there lies a small village called Choonabhatti – with the river running past it. A scene just out of those coloring books, whose pages we copied tediously as a child – Aah well now I know where artists drew inspiration from 😛


The river is mesmerizing, the stories about the bridge and how it braved many floods is grasping and on the whole the rendezvous with nature is enthralling.

 A must visit – for just through words you will not be able to experience the panorama that this place holds!

A perfect header pic place 😉 😉

 This post is for my Mumbai Mondays partner Harish and of course also dedicated to the darling Punto that drives the Mumbai Mad Caps around – oh btw that is what we call ourselves, haven’t I told you all that before?

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