Near my house the American “perfect bed” store that houses soft cushiony beds, where the moment your body touches the mattress you are transported to a new high of luxury. An old man sits outside the store on a stool, guarding the beds inside, staying awake careful not to doze off.

If this isn’t ironical what is?


My penchant for mustard and poppy seed delicacies is attributed to my being “Bengali”, my large eyes too. My cynical nature about me not being comfortable eating out of my maid’s cooking, is attributed as an upper class snobbery. I wonder what if I changed my surname for a while and put on the Bihari accent – will then suddenly all of a sudden the upbringing and attributes too change?

Are traits so fleeting? How would you react if you found an adopted Tamilian grown up of actual Gujarati origin?

If this isn’t fascinating what is?


A little girl near the Marine Drive here sells small things everyday – flowers, bangles and the like. I have seen around often, I indulge her often, not because I need those things, but mainly because her school uniform inspires me to encourage her. The last time I had to hurriedly get off the cab, I needed a few coins to give to the Taxi driver when I refused to acknowledge her. The irate Taxi driver was hell bent on taking exact change and as I grumbled, a little pair of hands offered me a few coins.

I wasn’t amazed at the innocent smiling obliging face. I was touched beyond words.

If this isn’t humanity and humility what is?


Why can’t there be a few years in school dedicated to just studying the world? Wouldn’t it be the perfect education for my Anarkali, I wonder!