Life Now a Days usual life at the Yucky Monster Land:

Witchulli goes to her institute after much delay – for after last week’s beating her husband, her broom has become rattly and stops after every 15 minutes of her flight.

Witchulli and her rattly broomy are oh all so gloomy…

Bratula had decided that his yellowed fangs and the sans glitter face was the reason why young girls weren’t scared of him, and instead were sending him date requests for their Halloween party – ewwww to be seen with girls!!!!

Mirror mirror on the wall…. Is this my wake up call???

Monsterulli didn’t fit in her bikini anymore and the handsome sea horse she was lusting over looked at her belly more than her deep set eyes while talking. The oil spill had put stench all over her body and the scented sea weeds were too expensive.

o love me, love me, love me and the fat comes free …

Last twilight at the Yucky Monster Land, when the Monsterulli, Bratula and the Witchulli sat whiling away time, then they remembered their Lord Fartulla – the God of the Elephant farting land and sought his blessings for an interesting life, when Lo! There was a beautiful damsel with a “I’m a Dentist” overcoat, who whizzed by in her brand new Porsche.

Ooooooooooooooooooooo ..... Who's she??? Whoooooo???

 “Dentist with a Porsche”!!!! Withculli whizzed past the other two zombies to know more and parked her broom in the mid air just outside CB’s bedroom window. Scratching her bum with one hand and holding her binos with the other, she was amazed at what she saw.

I spy …. and what do I see oh my my!!!

The moment CB opened her doctor’s coat in her bedroom she transformed to a fairy and then went to a corner of her room and worshiped the photo of another large fairy with a garland of teeth!

CB was the agent of Tooth Fairy!!!!

Behind the toothy grin … lies the secret of the platinum ring!

Witchulli returned to her friends with dollar sign in her eyes which told the other two the untold story and they decided to gang up with CB and get RICH!!!

Aaah the love of greenery....

Suddenly “Corrupt Wealth Games” were announced in the Yucky Monster Land.

Bratula had suddenly found a great interest in boxing …

Punch means here nothing left to munch (with)!!!!

Witchulli dusted the old FBI camera gifted to her and was found with a mini kiosk that said aloud “Smile and Show me your teeth and I show you heaven”. As people smile and poised she handed them a glass of pink potion extracted from a pink lungi/loin cloth and urged them to drink it for a better glow on their face. The Yucky Times carried this recently and tagged it ‘Tooth Vomit” …

A potion that is pinky .. results in a toothy pukyy!!!

Monsterulli encouraged new divers to take on the water, assuring them that she would catch her in her huge palm and that her belly would serve a perfect landing pad for them – safe and sound. All the divers dived in happily but the spectators noted that they emerged toothless. On being asked they couldn’t recall anything. Monsterulli’s “punch underwater” plan was a hit …

Come plunge in and I'll help myself ... err you win!!!

Next week as they went into CB’s clinic the attendant informed them of a very busy doctor who had suddenly discovered a mine of toothless sportsmen. As Bratula smiled at the receptionist and she fainted, they made their way past and entered CB’s clinic. CB was so startled that she poured a bottle of tooth cleaning liquid down her patient’s throat and his food pipe shone through his skin, when she saw …

I give you teeth and you give the gold sheath!!!

As Bratula smiled and Witchulli’s eyes glowed and Monsteruli gave out a stenchy sigh, CB fainted. The 3 Monsters took this opportunity and whispered…

Dream baby dream and we shall help you gleam!

And Lo! CB was up and rushed to her drawer and pulled out a contract (of course Fartula was the witness). The three Yucky Monsters were to collect teeth and report to her. The only exceptions were kids like Buzz and Namnam, who would get ten dollars for each tooth.

Smile .. Smile .... the Golden style!!!

Thus, monsters came to be rich and the concept of tooth fairy was re-invented for the world.

And of course everyone lived happily ever after, the dentists were praised for ages to come and Bratula could afford the costliest age reversal techonology, Witchulli a new vacuum broom and Monsterulli turned size zero with extra special moss wrap treatments!!!

 Happy Birthday CB!!!



Story: Monsterulli aka DW and Bratulla aka Brat (for a Brat is a brat in any form!!!)

Comic Strip: Brat

Header and Edits: Witchulli (yes the new vaccumm broom cleans errr edits really well) aka CrackPot Saks

And of course with the kind blessings of Fartulla aka Vimmuuu!