Pitter Patter rains drops on the window sill that wake you up…
The groans under the quilt of yet another rainy day,
The sound of the lashing waves and roars that sweep you away.
The whistle of the first morning local, the horns of the red bus,
The hustle bustle of the varied people, that reminds you of the Noddyland rush.
And yet as the sleepy eyes stare outside the window,
A shot of green soothes you down and makes you realize that here’s where dreams grow.
A quick walk by the sea, a dip to soak in the moisture laden air,
A run to the nearest park or to the mall surrounded by the filmy fan-fare.
Quintessential old buildings standing the test of times,
A café with bullet marks – witness of the one of the most heinous crimes.
An old Dargah where the Namaz sounds like a mother’s soothing lore,
Arrays of colorful shops – a shopper’s paradise to the core.
A heritage temple filled with incessant chants,
The incense laden giddy air that soaks up all your rants.
A man in suit scurrying for the early train,
An outstretched hand that pulls him in, and leaves you humbly humane.
A long car that stops by the road to let a young kid hop across,
Makes you wonder as to how much traditions still lay here beneath the modern-gloss.
The local theatre saluting the native tongue, the English pubs taking on Lenon,
The Garba Raas that runs all night long, and the Parsi Temple where the fire still glows strong,
Confluence, Tolerance, Acceptance, Heritage, Modernity, Culture, Humanity all at the different high.
And that is how I have come to be adopted by this wondrous city of Mumbai!

Welcome to Mumbai Mondays!

A glimpse through my eyes of the city, which isn’t my biological land, but has nurtured me as a foster parent. And nurtured me well. When every nook and corner of a city amazes you and holds a treasure, how can you not write about it at leisure? 😛

So every week I pick up places, nuances, events or snippets of my life here to write and rant about, not a tribute of sorts but just to let the world know why this is still my favorite place after trotting half the globe. 😛

And yes, would love it if you want me to cover a particular place and write about it. So let me know people how well you want to know Mumbai! 😀 😀 😀

What better way than to start a mundane Monday with memories of a place, a time, an incident that made you smile? Hain na? 😛 😛 😛


Mumbai Mondays is all about seeing Mumbai and its surroundings through my eyes. It’s my take to introduce you to a city and its surroundings which I love, as I see it – alone and often with friends (we call ourselves the Mumbai Mad Caps). It’s a thread that goes live every Monday. I cover places randomly and welcome suggestions too. You can find more posts about Mumbai Mondays here.