I am in love with this Bengali song my friend forwarded to me … it’s one of those that you feel have been written for you. As Saturday evenings are the worst time in this lonely house by the sea and the romantic sunset and cool breeze does more good than harm, I resort to the whispering the lyrics, hoping that the winds of faith shall carry them across to the southern shores of the country…

Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao (Autograph, 2010)


Amake amar moto thakte dao
Ami nijeke nijer moto guchiye niyechi…
Jeta chilona chilona sheta na paoai thak
Shob pele noshto Jibon
Tomar ei duniyar jhapsa alo-ye
Kichu shondher guro haoa kaancher moto
Jodi ure jete chao tobe ga bhashiye dao
Durbine chokh rakhbona na na Na …..
Ei Jahaaj Mastul Charkhar Tobu Golpo likhchi baanchbaar
Ami rakhte chai na aar taar kono Raat dupur-er abdaar
Tai cheshta korchi bar bar Shaatre paar khonjar…..
Kokhono ba aashbe chup kore
Jodi neme aashe bhalobasha khub bhore
Chokh bhanga ghume tumi khujo na amaye
Aashe pashe ami aar nei
Amar jonno alo jelo na keu ami manusher shomudre gunechi dheu
Ei Station-er chot-tore hariye gechi
Shesh train-e ghor-e firbo Na …

For all you guys who seek to know what’s being said in my mother tongue, here’s the transalation:

Please let me live the way I want I would survive the world my way – I have arranged my life my life finally!
I won’t cry for all that’s not mine.  If everything were, life would be meaningless right?
The blurred lights from your realm sparkles in the evening, as soft wind blows if you want to fly away, then flow with it .
I promise not to follow you through the binocular lenses.  
I’m the Last man standing on a sinking ship still writing stories of survival.
I don’t want to your desires of night and day, and hence this eternal struggle to find my own shore my way,
If ever quietly in an unknown moment at dawn love overcomes you, don’t search for me in those sleep drenched eyes for I am no longer by your side.
Don’t switch on the light to look for traces, for I am here lost amidst the unknown sea of people.
I am on my destination-less journey, lost in the platform, even the last train won’t bring me home baby.

It’s been over 50 times and still playing …