2 months back me and M sitting at the Leopold café, on a Saturday night – half drunk!

 M *with glint in her eyes* : Psst Psst … look at that guy – he’s soooo CUTE!!!! *sigh* why do I have a boyfriend?

Me *Looking over my shoulder and returning back to my beer*: All cute guys are dumb M, universal rule of nature!

M 🙄 *still ogling* : You shut up! *Sigh* why does my boyfriend love me?

Me 🙄 🙄 🙄 : Hello! Excuse me! I have always said the right things about guys – last month I told you how S, H, K and the rest will behave in various situations and they did right?

M 🙄 : Ya but … anyway cute guys are … *Sigh*

 Lesson learnt: Draught beer in a bottomless pitcher and guy bantering don’t go together on a Saturday night!


 1 month back in office, a damn CUTE guy is spotted loitering about the work stations. After what seemed like ages, even I admitted that he’s cute and OK fine, even gave out a BIGGGGGGG *Siiiggggghhhhhh* 😳 But as there has been a recent rush of junior staff recruitment, we brushed him aside on various occasions, thinking that he’s just another kid and trust me he looks like one!

 Anyway 3 days back, as me and M sat there at work, doing our antics and pretending to work, the bombshell fell. One of the senior colleagues was walking by with the “cute guy” and stopped to jabber with us. What followed was the realization that the so-called “cute guy” was not only our senior in terms of experience, but was also much higher in the cadre at work. While rolling of eyes and choking on coffee was miraculously avoided, me and M kept a close watch on each other – lest either of us decides to shift cubicles to be in the proximity of the “sudden discovery”.

 For once I was impressed – He looked nice, was courteous, took humor well and best of all was always ready and eager to chat with me on gibberish topics 😳 – ya we spent an hour discussing cheesecakes! 😛

 M wasn’t pleased. I was 😀 . So yesterday as M coochie-coo’ed with her BF,  I was miraculously stranded in the discussion room with two senior colleagues one of whom was  *ahem* *ahem* 😉

 I thought of messaging M about this, but then restrained myself thinking she’ll rush in conjuring up some stupid excuse. 👿 Perfect opportunity to gel I thought to myself as he offered me a seat to discuss stuff. I decided to let go of my prejudices and just enjoy…and then he opened his mouth to talk… 😦 😦 😦

 I should have known that my prejudices hold me strong! 😥

 Ten minutes into the discussion I realized that my beer notion at Leopold holds right. Extremely jittery and depressed I report back to M, who is in splits and curses me that it’s God’s way of taking revenge on me for leaving her out.:cry: 😥

 I avoid him the rest of the day. He smiles, I can’t help but smiling – I mean he’s CUTE people. 😳

 Today morning we enter office TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! 🙄 He joins me for my morning cuppa 😛 – No M not because there’s only the sweeper guy who’s the other option, but because he wanted to discuss things with me – he said! 🙄 😛 :mrgreen:

 We chat.. he smiles… I smile … we chat … I don’t like his colloquial references and gestures at times … I seek ways to move back to my seat … He smiles… I stay back. 😉 😉

 *Sigh* … is there any way of injecting cute gestures, nice talk and some brains (he’s not exactly dumb – but a bit .. errr unawarely dumb – you get it right? Not those with whom who can have an intellectually stimulating conversation!)  into “Cute guys” 😕  … I am serious 😐 ….

Does any one knows how to make “cute guys” cultivate “intellectual hotness”? 😉 😉 😉

 Anyone knows???? 😥  … I assure you treat 😀 😛