What is life full of care?
When you have no time to stop and stare?” – William Wordsworth

That is what the Sunday that began at 5 am today spoke to me.

Peeping Tom .. err Sun 😉

What can you say about a girl, who just finished her 1000 pager yesterday, plopped to bed at 2 am on a Saturday night (nah! No parties mind you) and was up at 5 am to walk the trees of Mumbai (of course before that to travel one hour by the first autos and trains of the city! … Bow down ppl 😉 )?

You just called her a crazy young lass or you just call her me. But have I told this before that I am glad that I am me?

I guess I have in another era another time, when love was worth more than a dime! (wow! I love these lines!)

A nature lover's paradise 🙂

Anyway to make you all jealous … I have joined Walk the Mumbai Trees and trust me it’s awesome to be there at various locations (today was Malabar Hills) go about discovering nature and then sharing stories with the group – some serious, some knowledgeable, some mythical and some simply crazy childhood memories. Looking at trees, picking up leaves, identifying trials and then giggling over the Baniyan Tree debacle!

Bania .. Baniyan ??? 😉

And then suddenly we are off to discover a new bird, or a new flower or a patch of land that overlooks a virgin part of the Mumbai’s sea coast. It’s a wonderful way to start your Sunday.

a rare unspoilt view 🙂

Of course to top it, a drive by the Marine Lines to identify more Badam trees 😉 and then be hit by the secret and strong pulling of the Mondegar Café at Colaba where the 10 am beer seems the most soothing drink 😉

It’s nice to begin a Sunday which starts when perhaps it’s still Saturday for many in the world and end it on an afternoon note 😉

But yes, before a goodbye, there’s one more good thing the Hanging Gardens did to me today … The Big Shoe apart from making me recite the childhood poem of the Old Woman, reminded me of the greatest witch’s Bday today!

Happy Birthday Saakshi … here’s to many more shoes and a shoe house someday to hold all of them

This is for you…


Shoe House of the Witch 😉

And yes people who live by the sea.. or have holiday’d there sometime …when was the last time you went for a volleyball match at 4:30 am on a Sunday? Scratch your brains while I make sure that soon I have a match report to give you 😛

Till then holding remiscenes of a Sunday to swear by in my palm ….

The Official flower of Maharashtra and a seed of the Red Sandalwood Tree 🙂