Waking up on a Friday and being hit by a sad feeling of happy times when Friday announced the impending school holidays!

 Looking outside at the lovely weather and missing those walks with dad on the twisted mountain lanes and gorging on momo’s and coming back home to proudly announce to the sibling that I am the more loved one.

 Preparing breakfast for own self and smiling recollecting the little girl who loved to hide behind curtains in her grandmother’s house and be hunted out with pleas of “Doodh pee lijiye Missi Baba” (Have your mils please, Missi Baby)

 Talking to mom on the phone and recollecting the young mother who patiently answered all your weird questions about bees and birds, while gardening in the small patch of mountain land.

 Seeing a sister help her sibling hop on the bus, recollecting those slides down the side bars of the stairs imagining we are ski-ing.

 Cuddling your neighbor’s dog and recollecting the stray mountain dog whom you bathed with the bathtub water provisioned for your grandmother.

 Nostalgia is a person, Nostalgia is a feeling, Nostalgia is smiles. Nostalgia is tears. Nostalgia is a long lost smell. Nostalgia is the heart that still dwells.

 Nostalgia is that gush of sweet wind that takes your breath away but leaves you with sighs.

 But today strangely Nostalgia is a house from childhood, which holds a lot of my stories. Guess till today I never realized that when I left it how much of myself I left behind.

 Nostalgia is strange realizations out of nowhere.

It stands there - a stoic reminiscence of the days gone by!