My Dearest Anarkali, (today I wish to call you this 😀 )

You know what I am dying to tell you when I first lay my eyes on you??… 🙄

…not that you are pretty and perfect (you will be – be rest assured 🙂 )
…not that I was dying to have you in my life (you shall know that too 🙂 )
…not that we’ll have loads of fun together (Of course we will!!! .. er but me more than you 😉 )

But this: 👿 😈 👿

“Wait.. till you have a daughter of your own! Then you’ll understand!”  😛

I know it might sound totally out of context during our first rendezvous, but I hope you – my soul will understand how much I need to get that sentence out of my system, for all the others can be at least told to someone else!!! You understand right 😦 😥

Smart Girl! My Girl! 😀 😛

Butt Cuddles and Stomach Gurgles