Okay I am totally bitten by the wonderful contest which CB organized for all of us. I have already put a disclaimer that one should not pin similar hopes on me. Not even the best puppy eyes can make me take up the daring exercise.

But then as they say  – Never say never. And so few days back while Lord Ganesha danced on the sea shore hear my house to the tunes of Waka Waka, Akon, Govinda and usual bhajans, I had a ROFL chat with a blog friend. Re-reading the chat at leisure has made me come up with a mini contest for all those who seek to pass on CB’s baton to me.

Here goes the contest terms and conditions:

  1. Below mentioned are a few brief extracts of the chat (the original one last 3 hours, so you shall agree to the need of editing the conversation).
  2. Both the characters involved in the chat are referred as Anonymous 1 and Anonymous 2 (A1and A2 for brevity).
  3. While I have told you that one of them was me, you have to guess the other person on the chat. But then you also have to guess who’s A1 and who’s A2 between both of us.
  4. No hints shall be given, though if you browse through a few of the recent old posts you can get loads of hints (Wow! What a way to make people read your old posts DQ DW!)
  5. Stealing from CB – Comments are moderated to give everyone a fair chance.
  6. No answers (wrong or right) will be posted till 7 pm IST when the contest shall be declared as closed.
  7. A certificate awaits the winner(s).

 So come one, put on your best sensitive ears (errr…. Hope your ears are detachable!) and start guessing.

The Filmy conversation went as follows: (and it turns more hillarious when I try to translate to CB the Hindi bits !!!! – read the revised chat and you shall know 😉 )

A1: Oye

A2: Oyo oyo aaaaa

A1: Khujli karne waale (The song about the scratching guy….)

A2: BTex lagale…… (The famous Btex – anti scratching cream line)

A1: ha ha ha

A2: lolz.. in complete synch

A1: totally …. wassup with you, long time no catch up

A2: Ya, I am playing catch me if you can….and you still doing meri awaz suno? ( the listen to my voice song…)

A1: No No … meri awaz kam suno (listen to my voice less) types .. ha ha.. not talking much

A2: I invited you to chat 😦

A1: But I had logged in before that to talk to you…synch..boss total synch !




A1: I feel hungry when I’m up in the night, so gorging on cake

A2: But midnight snacking makes you fat na


A2: Hmmm … ok hate you for this — but let me also get cake!!! 😉 😉

A1: So u got cake?

A2: Ya was resisting but then you happened to me!!! 😉 😉 😉




… the net conenction plays up

A1: There? did u get my message?

No reply

A2: Tere mere beech mein kaisa hai yeh net conenction anjaana??? (Which is this filthy unknown net conenction that strives to separate us two souls!! *phew*)

A1: Anjaana …. Anjaaani .. a aa aa aa (lastest Bolly number about 2 strangers!)





… after a stupid joke

A1: hahha…


        I just cant believe that … lol

        mujhe hasi aa rahi hai – bahut sari (I feel like laughing – loads of it!)

       you should have been here in front of me and seen me controlling my     brake-fail laughter

A2: Seeing you laugh no matter how disgusting the joke is made me giggle after ages.. 🙂

A1: If thats how you going to smile, I can do it daily for you…the night chat i mean 😉

A2: *sigh* I melt …

A1: soja baacheee 😉 😉 (sleep baby)

A2: Hmmm…. humari chat ke sunheri yaddon ke saath … hum chale sone… 😉 (I go to sleep with the golden memories of our chat)

Simple right? So what are you waiting for – just guess and grab this:

The Best Eavesdropper in Town…
Edited to Add:
P.S: and the Award goes to – ——  Hello stop staring at me with a open jaw and wide eyes 😯  and instead look here!!! 😀