What do you infer about the day when:
(a) Your Boss gives up on you? 😦
(b) You are at the best of your sad jokes? 👿
(c) Your clients ask you if everything is ok? 😳
(d) Your parents suggest a weekend break? 😉

Aaah.. well you have a hilarious contest at your Blog (so much so for modesty na? 😉 😉 ) !!! 😀 😀

Yup, it was one today .. loved it throughout  🙂 – those interpretations, the reasons given and also the defenses cited. Thank you everyone for making my day! 😀 … muaaaah!

And now without ado, the correct answer:

Yes it was Nu (A1) and Me (A2)!!!!!! Of Course, who else will have such a riot at 3 am???? 😉 😉 :mrgreen:

For all those who shrug and mumble “I knew it all along” yes, thank you smart souls 😉 , and here I go to announce your names! But then please mind that do not stand up for victory speeches 🙂 and neither be conscious of your attire 😉 , for eavesdroppers are usually neither seen nor heard 😉

So the Best eavesdropper(s) in town awards go to:

1. Harini – the First one to guess! 😀
2. Comfy – the first one to pick up smart cues! 😉
3. Vimmu – the one who knows the PJ ‘DQ’ so well! 👿
4. Sakshi – the one for whom it was a cake walk! :mrgreen:
5. Uma – the confused soul who finally cracked it! 😉
6. Swaram – the one who rhymed her answers! 😀

Two other people guessed our names correctly but got confused 😦 as to who’s who also deserve a special mention and yes yes giving them certificates too (the nice soul that I am! :D) are:

1. DI  – the drunken defense restrains me from doing grrr at her and messing it up! 👿
2. Piyu – the one who had earlier fainted in one of my posts after reading mine and Nu’s threads but got a bit confused here! 😉

All your certificates shall reach your mailbox soon :D. Flaunt them but remember its not good to press your ear by the door always 😉

And wait before you all leave for the refreshments,  have forgotten to arrange for you 😉 😉 😉 –  this announcement is incomplete without this:

Best Chit - chatter of all times!

Thank you Nu 😀 … for being there when I needed you the most – those dark nights when I was utterly bored, crazily insomniac and no friend was online! 😀 😉 😉 😀 :mrgreen: