One of my favorite classes in school used to be the “Moral Science”. Ya ya all you moms out there whose kids too side with me, 🙄 your eyes as much as you want and lip synch “yes of course! After all no studies, no exams in those classes!”. Errr well can’t say you are entirely wrong 😉 but then the interest was courtesy something else too! 

I loved the way my teacher made everything that happened around us, a lesson in life. The ease with which she would pick up little issues like in-class fight between friends, or make us understand the psychology behind the girl who cheated, it awed me. And the fun part came just before the class was over, when she with her booming voice would ask us “So Girls (yea I went to a girls’ school!) what did we learn today?”. It was fun listening to various versions of the lesson learnt and I the deviant one would always have something in her kitty which would either make the class go bonkers in splits or would make my teacher wonder whether seriously another PTA was required! 

But life and the lessons imbibed have always baffled me. While I am still struggling to understand what was the lesson behind the incomplete story of me and Y? There’s another episode whose lesson I want to share with you today. If you remember, a couple of months back when I had just started my blog-frenzy journey on a serious note I had written a post stating how the blog world has touched me and groomed me as an individual. Well something happened the past week which has groomed the writer and reader in me in a much better way. 

This happened. 

If you visit her blog, you’ll find a page called Life’s lessons and trust me after this episode I am seriously considering putting up such a page – where I write what each of my friends over here have taught me. But today is CB’s turn. 

An ever smiling positive image, that makes you wonder whether ever she’ll have a furrow of crease on her forehead? But then knowing that life is not a bed of roses for anyone, what amazes me more is her positivity to over com it all and never let gloom spread. Here I am ranting about Y often, for I am still not over the shock that hit me like the tightest slap ever. But then one visit to her blog and the morning coffee seems more rejuvenating and the sea breeze less salty. 

Dedication to see through the end of passionate assignment, who can define it better than her? 

When at Oz time 3 am you receive a certificate, individualized for you, it’s time to bow down. What did we do? Wrote stories, commented and watched sitting with a bowl of popcorn. While there was a real soul who moderated comments, formatted, arranged and designed polls, counted votes made sure the game is fair and executed everything to perfection. Doesn’t that make you wonder whether she was actually one of the elves you read about in your big fat pink book? 

One of the biggest lessons she imparts is that to gain a friend be one – the urge to reach out, makes her be so loved and she deserves every inch of it. 

A wonderful contest that ended in the most wonderful way makes me stand more mature as a writer and a reader. 

 Picking up books, debating on them ridiculing ideas, snickering about the author, praising efforts and rubbishing work – till date I had done it with ease. No more. 

For I learnt a lesson here with this anonymous story posting. I learnt what each writer whose book I have picked up and criticised in a public forum must have gone through if they chanced upon it. No not in a negative sense, but the urge to step in and defend your work – because at the end of the day it’s your baby. Also, the maturity to appreciate what the reader interpreted, what the audience felt was lacking and how well received the idea was – it all crept in. It’s easy to receive compliments for a post on the blog, because at the end of the day, seldom will my friends here do a dissection of my work. But then the same ones when they debated on my story about couple swapping, it wasn’t shocking but was eye opening and I couldn’t be gladder that the contest happened. When commentators had a riot over a story, it was time to appreciate the honesty and the mental maturity of the writer instead of brushing aside the person to be popular and hence the effect. Anonymity worked so well I never knew. 

Your work which is usually appreciated has to be improved upon so much – this is what I learnt. And yet it was fun. 

Baba says when learning is fun we carry the lessons learnt to our grave. When experiences are bitter and the learning is painful we strive to forget it no matter how important it is.  

For here learning was not only fun but eye opening. 

Thank you so much for this lesson CB!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  

I may not turn out to be the writer I dream of, but you have definitely made me a much better reader and human being. And yes this certificate has touched me the way many of the others couldn’t have. 

Finish to Win it Contest 🙂


Next trip to Oz land, our spa trip stands affirmed and confirmed, till then I just hope this makes you smile: 

CB's BlogStar Trophy


Thank you once again … till you come up with something as awesome again! 🙂 🙂 😀 (Nah don’t pin hopes on me I am useless and hopeless in these things 😉 😉 )