What happens when DQ meets MDQ (Maha DQ or Melo D(tic) Q) ?

 They paint the town red and pink with strawberry Margaritas on a Monday night, jazz by the bay, sing to crabs by the Marine Drive and then when it finally dawns to go home, scream ‘ love you to each other’facing the opposite way and end up screaming at by passers!

 A mundane Monday night thus transforms itself to one of the best nights even Bryan Adams would have died to live.

 A friend who lets you handle a heart-break your way for she says the heart is yours. A friend who lets you laugh till tears roll down, for no joke is stupid enough for her too! A friend who tags along to do Salsa and then when the former goes hay wire joins you for a jazz, with no clue about what she’s getting into – wasn’t it there that comfort crept in and hearts opened out?

 An office gossip let loose in a drunk moment, a crush confessed in haste, but then somewhere in between those loud “Oh freaks!” and “Damn you” there were no moments that went waste. Nah not even those when we looked away at the bay and let out sighs, smiling to ourselves how well we cover the creases of our foreheads, with laugh lines of the faces.

 Drunk moments, tipsy steps, an attempt to discover if Louis was a girl 😉 – swaying to music and just being filled with ‘sweet nothings’ – wasn’t that when we discovered that being judgmental takes the fun out of the discovery process life comes with?

 A stage fright let gone just to make me smile, an old nickname said out loud to make the crowds giggle and then when the music played and the song was sang for me – I somewhere was glad to have lost a lot in life to have discovered what would have otherwise being brushed aside as ‘just another friend’ It was exactly then that I knew that when “I understand” is said here, it truly is.

 A few calls from frantic boyfriends to ask if we were ‘OK’ and in reply when “I am Karaoke” was whispered inhibitions to behave on street were let loose. And then by the bay it was all about “Holy Crab!” and snickering about a flame never to be lit.

 There are moments of a preceding night that make you smile next morning and then there are nights when you refuse to give into slumber for you fear that this might just not happen again – it was in an attempt to grasp such a bonded night yesterday that Tuesday turned yawny, hung over today, but as each muscle in my body aches I make no bones to admit that I shall never forget what you did to make me smile.

 Thanks MDQ! – And yes the taxi driver loved your cute nothings and demand for crazy loud songs 😉 and needless to say I loved it too 😉