…. yea because people refuse to believe that I am soft spoken!!!! aaah so well so be it!!! 😉

Sometime ago, when blog angels helped me make over my blogspot page I was technologically upgraded to know that my tags and categories of my posts could be made in the form of a ‘word cloud’. It was intriguing and I opted for the same. The result was that the “me” tag stood out there in bold, looming large and laying bare to the world my narcissist image. I felt my greatest trait being exposed like never before, but being too much doped in self love, I over looked it.

3 months later, the 2 year old tag seems to have a new competitor with my Drama Queen image gaining popularity and catching up like the sore competitor.

The Drama Queen stares into the mirror to look at Me and grins devilishly. The ‘me’ gives back a sad look, the girl named DW is confused – narcissism was fine, but this laying bare is dangerous!

*sigh* there’s nothing more in my life to hide – I have become an open drama book now!

Oh btw, if you are tired of my gibberish and my fiction sounds better (now you can say both are equally bad and close this window – for the sake of kinship stay please *flutters her long (fake) eyelashes and putting forward the best seductive irrestible smile* 🙂 ) do check out my entries at CB’s blog.

Yea I cannot say which are they coz am sworn to secrecy and even horses can’t take it away from me *enacts the childhood scene of pinching  her throat and going God promise squeezing her eyes shut in attempt to see whether God is still alive* .. but I am sure you guys will be able to make out from the drama involved 😉

Ok this was gibberish and I make a sucky marketing manager.. but what the hell! I should leave some jobs for others… so any takers to be my PR manager? 😉


The Dialogue