MONDAY – aaarrrgghhh!!!!! MONDAY – ugggghhhhhh!!!!! MONDAY – uffff!!!!!

MONDAYyyyyyyyyy -NoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

M – *Misleading*: It misleads people to believe in the age old childhood concepts of “rise and shine – a new week to ___-” – aaah well forget it the only thing right now that fits in is *whine*. It also misleads the depressed to believe that one more less week to live, while in reality the upcoming week makes up for months and years of drab life. And the optimist to believe that weekend is 4 days away, when in reality the four days arrive in the speed of -15 nautical miles!!!!

 O – *Ostentatious*: If you thought pretense was for your New Yorker blonde friend who doesn’t know how to cross Indian roads now (despite of growing up in the heartland of Old Delhi for 25 years of her life!), you haven’t met the true blue Monday! It pretends that it’s a new start to a lot of things and that just a change of attitude is needed – when in short it’s the same old story of two fish swimming in the fish bowl year after year!

 N – *Never-ending*: Have you ever noticed that the clock actually loses pace on Monday – like the Sabbath day sleep was not truly over. I mean I have been looking at the watch for the last 10 minutes and I swear that the clock just shows 6 minutes ticked away!

 D – *Drab/Drag/Distasteful*: It just goes on and on and on and there’s nothing interesting. I mean even office gossip doesn’t seem perkier and since people have almost stopped blogging over weekends, there’s nothing new to read! Worse, the Monday menu in the office canteen too leaves a bitter taste in the mouth!

A – *Arrogant*: Monday seems to be like the arrogant bitch who refuses to mend her ways. I mean no matter how badly people sing blues, curse, Monday never takes a lesson from Friday to change its demeanor and attempt to be appealing!

 Y – *Yawny*: Just thinking about this word made me yawn and the same stretched till the time I finish this sentence. Here now. I think Guinness book doesn’t have a record for yawns or if it does it finds a new winner every Monday for sure!

 See – even after so much cursing it’s still there – like the spoilt kid who’s used to infamous attention! And it’s just 3:30 pm!!!!!