About a month back, a conversation between me and my sister (Princess Daughter or PD for short ;) ):

Me: Hey … what is new? All set to come home?

PD: Hmmm … ya, but I was thinking.

Me: What? What’s there to think, you’ll land get pampered be showered with gifts and bask in the glory!

PD: Yes, exactly I was thinking about the gifts I am to get!

*Rolling my eyes and thinking as to how my parents still think me to be the kid, when their first born still dreams about tearing coloured wrappers!*

Me: What about them? *innocently without any malice*

PD: What do you think all will give me? Money or stupid gifts?

Me: Hmmm… money I don’t think – you know our relatives they still feel money is rude! I think you’ll get gifts.

PD: Yes, X Aunt, J Uncle and L Cousin mailed/called me to ask what I want. I just smiled.

Me: Stop being the goody one and tell them what you want – will save you trouble and you’ll get what you can take back to Zurich.

PD: Yes, that is better anyway what will I do with the money. I can’t shop as we both are flying next day and the currency will go waste.

Me *in my ever “saviour” tone*: Say what? You tell me what you need and I’ll convey to the near and dear ones. That way you won’t sound too forthcoming and they shall also be happy to see their gifts being carried to Zurich! 😀 *yea I am sweet – bless me tone*

PD: Hmmm…. ok so you tell x Aunt to give me ….. *I am not ready to waste any time when it comes to deciding gifts ramble*

*After 15 minutes and zillions of asking whether I am noting down properly all items that are being rattled*

Me: Ok, but listen if even after this you get dough – that’s mine.

PD: Ya ok done *I thought you knew better than to settle for such a bad deal tone*


After 2 days ...

To X Aunt: No Aunty, I am telling you to save trouble give her money. Ya, it’s convenient you see – she’ll buy the stuff and remember you …

To J Uncle: No uncle , no need to bless me – I am just being practical. Yes, I know even G cousin prefers dough ….

To N cousin: Ya man, I know money makes it simple – no hassles and she can shop and be happy!

To PD: Oh they all agreed to what I said! *you are so lucky to have me as your sister tone*


Today after the ceremony:

Me: Hey only 2 packets of gifts???? *I am so surprised that I can fall into the centre of the Earth and still be surprised to find it hot look*

PD: Ya man! I don’t know what everyone was like pouring in with envelopes! Mummmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *yea we call her like that as if the world shall come to an end and we won’t get an opportunity to call her again*did you ask people to give me money?

Ma: No! Have I got nothing better to do than to call up people and ask them about their gifting intentions! *practical and crisp*

PD to Me: Didn’t you tell them about the gifts?

Me *you don’t trust me look*: Of course I did! But I think they thought that it’s better you buy – tastes you know – nobody wants to waste money!

PD: Hmmm .. now what do I do? *Sad look*

Me: I’ll take it … You said that, remember? *I am doing this just for you – with no underlying intentions tone*. Do you want any money?

PD: Just give me 3K.

Me: Ya sure *12K is enough for me in the heart – Are you sure you don’t want any more money look on the face*

God bless sisters like me, who can put ‘wasted’ gifts to use! 😉