Once Jhonny wrote a poem asking rain to go away for he wanted to play. The poem had no reference to day particular day, as if Jhonny didn’t need a particular day to seek permission for play.

And then like in Ekta Kapoor’s serials, the soap called life took a big ‘leap’ and Jhonny grew up. Days were now measured and the time for writing and playing were minuscule. Jhonny just couldn’t play.

Jhonny thought about writing another poem too sitting at his work desk. But then, he was told that the only guys who wrote poetry were heart-broken lovers or gays! Jhonny disagreed and decided he would write.

But then little did he know how difficult it was to get a publisher. He tried blogging too, but after a while disheartened by the cold responses he let it be.  But Jhonny still wanted to write and play.

So one Sunday night he gathered courage and wrote this on his FB wall:

Monday Monday go away,

Come again in another way,

Little Jhonny wants to play,

Monday Monday go away!

His girl friend read it and wrote:

Oh so Jhonny had to play,

That is why he wanted to meet me some other day.

I should have known the day you wore pink,

That there was something else that gave you the kink!


His boss read it and wrote;

After a terrible headache on Friday,

If work is still left pending beyond Monday,

Kindly do bother to bother for an excuse,

Your job has just been hung up the noose.


Mondays have never been the same for Jhonny ever again …