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They were not contended with the silliness the Saturday ushered in so even put in some desi mixes to make it a “Spicy Saturday” .. Thanks Blog Adda 




  I usher in Saturday sitting in office and somehow I am glad. There is a sense of weird spirit in me today. I feel I am possessed as I don’t feel tired after working straight for 15 hours without a break. Guess it’s because home beckons, or guess its because of my zeal to keep the mind occupied. 


But then here in office, Saturday it is! For some the Saturday So? Remains, but as the clock strikes 12, it’s as if the midnight RJ on Radio Mirchi is my soul mate who plays my eternal Dabangg favourite “Munni badnaam hui” and makes the Saturday a silly one!!! How ??? Read further…  

I fail to understand how such a profound song can actually be considered as a mindless item number. The more I listen to this song the more I fall in love with it. It’s like talking through the corniest of words the reality of life. I feel like running up to Jaleesh Sherwani and kissing him for coming up with such lyrics but then Dr. Google images jerk me back to reality by throwing up the face of the man! But Jalu … flying kisses all the way *muuah muaah* 😉  

And yes needless to say I am also remembering Uma and DI!!! 😉  

Munni badnaam hui … Darling tere liye! (Munni is infamous…Just for you Darling!)  

Dear Munni,  

(Before the red marker group tags this, let me clarify that since Munni is already badnaam I am a bit hesitant to make her dearest!). But then again Munni, before you tag me, ain’t we all like that? Gossiping about people who seek to desire their love, ignoring the fact that all they are doing is actually for the sake of the heart? A lot of Munnis are actually ‘badnaam’ not because of their raunchy lipstick but because of the fact that they set out to make their men their own and step out of the clichéd – man chasing girl love story mode! 😦  

Main Zandu balm hui … Darling tere liye! (So I have become the Zandu(Pain) Balm.. Just for you Darling!)  

This line acts like a killer for me… I can literally die for such a thought! You pass it off as a hilarious attribute, but delve a little deeper and you shall be amazed at the profanity of thought.  It screams as to how each lover tries to be the soothing balm for all ailments that might befall on his beloved. Don’t we all seek to be this way… trying to be the ‘one’ who eases out all the pain of the man/woman we love? 🙂 *sigh*  

Hain tu meri poori bottle ka nashaa…. (Oh! You intoxicate me just like a bottle of my favourite wine!)  

Had this line been written in a Mills and Boon, intricately spun romantic story line which read “there’s more power in your eyes to get me drunk than the best French wine”, we would see bookmarks on the page to copy this line on romantic cards! But then the desi achohol bottle and the swaying sexy hips, take your sense of interpretation away and you think it’s again raunchy a line and not worth any interpretation! 😦  

 Hoton pe gaali tere.. aakhen dulaari tere… (Lashings on your tongue tips …. Eyes serene and true)  

Have you ever noticed your man ogling at that girl on the crossing who rides a bike and starts swearing when she is crossed the wrong way? It’s a fact that girls getting verbal at times do turn heads. Maybe it’s a turn on or maybe it’s just an adrenalin gush to break the gender tag that make the heads turn. But the fact is they do turn! Again no matter how bad the swear words are, all guys in the end of the day like to be drowned in the depth of deep eyes! I don’t think any language in the world is bereft of an ode to innocent and deep eyes of a maiden and yet here the same thing in simple rustic language is ignored… yet again! 😦  

Item yeh aam hui … Darling tere liye! (I am become ordinary from raunchy … Just for you darling!)  

This one makes me wonder if Jaleesh is gay… else how can he so sensitively understand the sacrificial women that resides in us? I mean don’t we all give up the ‘sexy babe’ image once we find our man. Somehow the urge to look like a bomb for the world doesn’t appeal anyone. Ain’t we all happy to be plain Jane’s once we find love? *sigh* 🙂  

Ok! The song’s long over and I don’t even know if the above made sense. All I know is that if Y read this he would have made sure I sleep all day tomorrow and pestered me to visit the doctor. 😉 And if still not convinced would have made calls to Jaleesh and threatened to kill him if he had to bear any such more interpretations which made him forget to ‘lust’ after Mallaika the next time the song plays! 😉  

But as of now with no such threat in vicinity (ok am confused whether 🙂  or 😦 fits here?) … but I think I liked the way the song is come to mean to me.  

Silly did u say? Well I told ya …Silly Saturday it is! 😀 😀 😀  

I think I should just go home and sleep while u all curse me to glory 😉  

Happy Weekend Folks!!!! Leaving you with the song 😀