On the pinnacle she resides, yet as humble as any mortal fly,
A deity so true and grounded while she gives others the wings to fly…

Strength, hope love, warmth and care,
Fury, anger too but that unseen I rather not dare.
A side profile as calm by the sea,
The one that makes us “we”…

Durga, Amba, Parvati – names galore,
Each facet a story, each smile a lore.
A mere reaching out through a post or comment,
Leaves you assured from your lament…

Her passion, her wit, her zest for life – they all leave you dazed,
And then its her sooth that’ll help you get past times that are hazed…

Met you here couldn’t ask for more,
Thanks for being there through fun and sore!

May the joy you spread illuminate your own life the most,
And may there be over flowing comments on each of your post!

So here’s wishing you the brightest, loveliest and the happiest Birthday of all times,
May your day today be filled with love, fun, happiness (lust ;p) and smiles!!!