There’s a wonderful dark chocolate truffle box by which I am sitting. it’s poison for me, yet I cannot give it up. Blogging is too another poison … 🙂

I am reminded of a favourite scene from my childhood days at the Darjeeling mall as I type this mail. A stickler for observing people, and a little tornado at home, evenings at grandparents home in Darjeeling meant being sent off to the ‘mall road’ with a certain Sharmaji, while some dust could settle on the floors of the wooden castle (literally!)

Those days it used to be a popular destination for honeymoon. Inflation hit country, with globalisation lying low, the Swiss Alps were only good for Amitabh and Rekha, for the local heros it was Darjeeling that provided them the opportunity to woo their mademoiselles. The peculiar thing however was, no matter how hot it was, newly wedded couple were perpetually found in long coats (strange ;p!!!) and young ladies tottering in sarees and high heels – some experts and the others cumbersome but determined to make the maximum of the escape.

A good honeymoon then meant ‘good coffee’ at the posh cafe, or a drink at the Joeys with the swaggering husband promising a wonderful night ahead and the overtly romantic wife standing at the edge of the cliff and asking “Agar main marr gayi toh, tum kya karoge?” (What if I die, what will you do?)

Even at the age of 12 often I felt like telling her that he’ll remarry and again repeat the same episode!

I feel I am back from a similar honeymoon.

Yes, I quit in a weakling of a moment. More out of abstinence than anger. I feared that  rattling about my losses would make the blog drab. While secretly another me wished that like the young bride, if I threatened to wipe out the blog, the BlogDevata would pay heed to my prayers and grant me ever lasting love.

Sensibility prevailed over me, just like the young bride who knew it better than to try n test the love of her husband by jumping rather than in the soft hotel bed. And so I decided to be back.

It’s difficult to talk about it, but yes I don’t want to show that I am all strong and ok. I have suffered one of the greatest losses and never imagined that life would make me strong this way. I just hope that this doesn’t affect the ‘five year frame’ and I don’t lose my zing for life, love and lust ;p…

Jeevan mein ek sitara tha
Maana woh behad pyara tha
Woh doob gaya to doob gaya
Ambar ke aanan ko dekho
Kitne iske tare toote
Kitne iske pyare chhoote
Jo chhoot gaye phir kahan mile
Par bolo toote taron par
Kab ambar shok manata hai

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi ….

So let the carpets unfold, turn on the music, ask the paparazzi to tone down the flash lights please … the Drama Queen is back …  🙂

And yes I still don’t give autographs on normal paper.. kindly get the pink handmade ones and a purple glitter pen … thank you

If you will excuse me now… I need to practise my flying kiss posture ;p