And the ground was set… if not the ambience the mood definitely suited the ones which loomed large when Pandavas had started their last journey to heaven. Warned by Indra they were determined not to stop, look back or retrace their steps once they started the journey.
I too felt the same way in the slow climb towards the (blog) Himalaya Parvat (mountain) to attain Blog Moksha!
The heart was heavier than the feet and with each passing day it felt worse. They were times I scribbled something on paper, but just couldn’t manage to post. It wasn’t that I was out of topics, but just that I didn’t want to post about the topics that were concerning me. My biggest fear of me converting my blog to an emotional vent, made me stay away from my baby all the more.
Thinking that I was all geared up to bid goodbye and ignoring all that people had to say right from being a ‘blog snob’ (I’ll get back to you for this DI) to a pleasant ‘How have to been S’ (thanks Piper 😀 ) … it was tough but then I wanted to be Yudhisthira!
Errr… but then I forgotten about the Blog Bhagwan whom Deeps had discovered during Na Pa Blo Mo (I hope I got that right) and so after the final climb, just when that door to Moksha looked so attainable, a “Surma Bhopali” appeared and asked me to fill up a form before I could proceed further. The particular left me shocked, esp these ones:
1. Last time read a blog: errr yesterday… no wait today on my mobile (my brain sang the Nokia tune which guaranteed ‘perfect signal’ even in the Himalayas!)
2. Whether No Dues Certificate Available: WHAT??? … Hello???
3. Whether Blog Life purpose achieved – Huh? Excuse me?
Huffing and Puffing I make way to Surma Bhopali, it’s not a long queue and he was logged on to Mac busy reading IHM’s latest tag and before I could open my mouth he said “Tumhe toh dekh kar lagta hai zindagi bhar kuch ladkiyon wala kiya hi nahin” (One look at you and I can say you have barely done anything gender attuned in your life!)
I gave him the toothy grin which meant, aa bacchu ek baar tu niche Blog meet pe, dikhati hoon tujhe mera jalwa! (Yea, dude meet me once downhill at the blog Meet I’ll show you my charisma), but instead I said: I want to meet Blog Bhagwan and just get done with the formalities.
Calmly he muttered: “Moksha huh??? First stop thinking about Blog World then talk about Moksha!
Psyched I asked him what he meant and he still retaining his cool composure pointed out the number of times I had stopped on my way up to be mesmerized in the natural beauty and think it to be fit for the WW series… recalled N conversations with Y and spun Boy-Girl tales in my head and also my take on the various tags doing rounds!
Shocked I asked him how he knew all that, he pointed towards an ever blinking bulb on top of my head which he explained could sense each time I thought about the Blog world and apparently it had not for more than a minute stopped blinking since the inception of my journey.
Snatching my form, he blasted me about the gravest sin that I had committed – visiting blogs and yet not leaving comments… Chi Chi .. Ghor Paap(Grave Sin) he said. I stood there with my head hung in shame.
I quietly enquired about the ‘no dues certificate’ (dude am not here to foreclose a loan!), when he stared at me through his blood shot eyes and asked me: ‘Do you have unanswered comments?’ … “Do you have pending tags?’. .. “Do you have posts calling you back?’ .. as I nodded meekly .. he again gave me a grunt and when on to throw ash around him make weird noises and scream “Jai Ma Blog Waali.. tera comment form kabhi na jaaye khaali”!
But Baba I really want to quit I pleaded… Why he asked. Because I no longer feel the urge to write … I find my topics boring to myself and also fear that the emotional posts will irk people and hurt a certain somebody!
Murrkh Balike (Stupid Girl)! – Came the retort like the lightning which suddenly struck the cloudy sky, Blog Devi aprassanna hai (Blog Devi is unhappy) – You haven’t achieved your purpose!
Of course I have! It’s my purpose – I define it.
Then go and get a release letter from all the people who read you!
What … but that’s crazy … they’ll never give me that!
Then go and get a release letter from that person whom you fear to hurt.
What… but that’s crazier … he loves it when I write.
Tu craziest baalike… to think about attaining Moksha!
Okay, so you not giving me the pass to the Moksha land? (By then even I couldn’t think of a reason as to why I was doing this?)
No way! Not even if you do a Na Pa Blo Ma!
Okay I’ll return but just tell me one thing… are you really from Bhopal?
No Indore.. why? And also spent substantial time in Hyderabad and Chennai!
No Nothing … that just explained EVERYTHING!
So as the Kuch Kuch Hota hai .. tussi jaa rahe ho… tussi na jao scene replayed in my head …. there was a loud noise, thunder, rains, lightning and a crazy wind which transported me back in front of my laptop!
[Yea.. I am back… Can’t promise the ‘first’ game yet… still settling down.. but shall be regular with posts and will reply to all comments (including the ones on Nu’s post – WordPress not loading 😦 ) and not be an absconding blog snob.. ;p … and Yes … though I am feeling damn pukish and weird to say this .. I love you guys … shit I just did a very girly thing! ;p]