Dear Mom and Dad,

At the outset let’s do a small rewind of the last 20+X years to land to that precise moment when the shrimp looking me stared out into my doctor’s face and refused to let out a wail, for she was too stunned to believe herself that she was finally born after all those relentless ‘let me out kicking’!!!! Yea…. Ma …. Baba .. hold your breath for what I am going to say about that very moment might blow you away! While you were too busy gushing over the fact that my sister was finally the elder sister, you didn’t t seem to realise when the doc said “Hurray! And…. Ta Da.. It’s a Baby Girl!!!” … or even if you did, you would have brushed it aside muttering “how does it matter, I got a healthy smiley baby”.

Ma … Baba I bow down to thee for the sense of equality of gender which you have displayed for all these years! It’s remarkable and I am honored to have you as my parents. However, before you wipe off that tear trickling down the sharp bump of your noses (which you never bothered to pass on to me!), let me also admonish you for such callousness! For had you registered my gender then, today’s argument would have made perfect sense to you. And yes, I wouldn’t also have to live to see this day – blogging in my own room hidden behind 3 suitcases and you guys looking for me – for the lecture hasn’t finished!!

Oh dear parents of mine I am a Girl .. yes I am… doesn’t matter if only such a gender based reaction comes in bouts and spasms, or if the only woman I associate myself with is Jhaansi Ki Raani I am a girl and that’s it. Period.

I am a girl and so it’s my right to overlook the comparisons you make to the brother who moved cities carrying one suitcase. And yes, I am perfectly in my senses when after packing my 3rd suitcase I tell you that how badly I need to pack as I am out of ‘good clothes’.

I am not the austere child you sought to raise – if that is what is coming my way… well then to match shoes and bags is necessity and not extravagance and yes, saying that it’s important to match socks with your tee too! Again, if only black and white shoes are the only coloured ones you knew to be in vogue, well folks I am a girl and so it’s fine if I drew inspiration from the latest Jimmy Choos mag!

And yes, “normal” people do not do good with one perfume and 2 deos! Have you forgotten what GM taught me, of how to always smell good and have pretty feet?? How do you think 1 perfume and 2 deos can help in that! Don’t you understand moods – how can I put on a floral scent when I am in an angry mood – if I desire musk then am I wrong??? And yes, if during PMS I need that foot salt or that particular lily scented body wash isn’t that a “basic need”!!!

Turning to needs, Ma how can you say that the Victoria’s Secret bagful is over the top … don’t you know power lingerie is the latest corporate mantra! And don’t roll your eyes and give me that look, instead read the “girl child handbook” that I came with, it’ll explain you the need of having bra’s that keep on changing your bust size according to the occasion and needs!

Don’t cringe your nose and call it a typical girly act, when I tell you that I can ‘handle’ the airport guy at the counter when I am ‘slightly’ over luggage and yes, don’t pretend not to know me, when that attendant comes scurrying to help me with my bags! I am not taking advantage of my gender – I am just being generous with my smiles and long eye lids and that’s perfectly fine for a girl!

How can you pull me up for 5 different coloured post??? It is beyond me! How can I stick yellow post its on papers that are lying in a purple file… will it not look hideous?? And how can I not carry my scented pens! No I am not demented and stuck in Neverland when I demand to pack in Hobbes, for I can’t sleep without him!

Sigh! It’s not that I am upset with you I know that you are right when you mutter that you have spoilt me. I don’t agree but that’s because if I did it would sound rude and being rude to parents is against family policy!

But, then today how I wished you realised that I am a girl … and that a girl child is differently able when it comes to packing and moving homes. That it’s perfectly fine to ask your BF to sit on that open mouthed monster suitcase to close it or to still carry that tee you haven’t worn for the last 5 years, but still want in the front shelf, for you wore it when u met Courtney Walsh!

Baba, let’s come to terms that despite all that equality thing and you raising me beyond all gender biases – I am a girl. It’s like you can take me out of the girl, but how can you take the girl out of me – esp during packing and basic needs!

So just like the numerous World Cup nights, when we say bhaar mein gaya dinner and gorge on the hastily prepared Maggi, let’s today say bhaar mein gayi “equality” and give into buying me two more suitcases and a few bags, shirts and shoes! That’s it! Promise, I won’t carry anything unnecessary again!

Yours loving

Daughter (In Font 72, Arial BLK BT, Italicised, Bold, Underlined and In Red Colour)