Dialogues from the Hindi Movies I grew up on:
Main do betiyon ka baap, meri kya aashayein aur izzat

– The Dad at the birth of the second daughter

Beti tere haath pile karke hi main apni aankhen chain se bandh kar sakta hoon”

– The forever suffering with whooping cough Dad

Sach maniye mere paas jitne paise the maine sab apni beti ki shaadi mein kharach diye, ab bas yeh pagri hai

– The ditched at the mandap Dad

Har pita ka bas ek hi sapna hota hai ki uski beti ki shaadi ek acche ghar mein ho.. yeh padayi, naukri ka koi maine nahin

– The single track Dad
“Pata hi nahin chala humari choti si gudiya kab itni badi ho gayi”
– The wintessing Chamatkar Dad


Dialogues from the movie named ‘life’ I witnessed for the last N years:
I am not a father of ‘two daughters’ I am the father of the two most wonderful kids

– The Forever Unbiased Baba

Let’s do some fun things today instead of playing with dolls – let’s learn how to wash a car

– The Fun to be with Baba

Let’s do one thing I don’t tell Ma about your forgetting to pay the Bill, you don’t tell her about my smoking in the car

– The Blackmailer Deal Striking Baba

Do things like there’s no concept of failure… Love people like there’s nothing called as rejection
– The pep talk Baba after I called off a relationship in the making
Of course you can call me Chakraborty uncle like your friends, provide your friends call their dads uncles too
– The logical Baba

There’s the difference between passion and profession, when you mix both the passion evaporates to leave behind mundane ‘work’

– The Practical Baba

Winning is not important, but then to try as if you are going to ace the thing is very important

– The Never say Die attitude Baba

One Sec.. where’s the gift you promised me… no more gifts before that!!!!”

  – The Hisaabi Baba
“Migraine bogs you down because you let it go to your head.. be strict with it and it’ll be scared of you
 The ever inspiring Baba

In life you have to prioritise things, sometimes it’s work and sometimes the family… you decide the timing

– The forever “I am with you Baba”

(while handing over the phone to me) I don’t like his voice and his accent

– The my daughter deserves the perfect guy Baba

So what if she’s a girl, when I educated her I actually didn’t quite have her gender in mind

– Getting back at the ‘typical’ relative types Baba

Why this sweetness? what blunder have you done now ??”
– The reading through Goofy smiles Baba

If you have to go and do it you will, there’s nothing that should stop you – definitely not your gender

– The Perfect Professional Baba

The guy who marries you will be the luckiest one and a well fed one
– The Doting Baba

Can I go up to the Chief Justice and ask him to robe you once again, I missed the moment on the lens
– The forever filled with child like exuberance Baba

I am not ashamed to this letter, infact very proud
– The Baba who was served legal notice by daughter

Ya the Saree is good … but say what wear that Capri and Tee – it suits you better

– The I can’t see my daughter grow up Baba

If you don’t wanna get married for valid reasons it’s ok, but if it’s just to be different from the rest, think about it again…”

– The Wise Baba

He is not your driver uncle, he has a name, how would you feel if people called you by Class 2B Roll No. 7

– The Respectful to all Baba

I think Harsha liked your question, don’t be so morose we’ll go back and ask him tomorrow on the field

– The always understanding my fiery passion Baba

(To Ma) This is her 1st drink (when 2nd) and my 2nd (when 3rd) right Beta (*wink*)”

– The Playful Baba

I don’t want to be the old grandfather to your kids, I want to be the cool one who takes them to the club for a swim
– The afraid of getting old Baba

You know what Azhar does when he faces a situation like this?”

– The Baba who knew how to get me to listen in childhood

I think we need to go for a drive…followed by a drink at the club

– The “I know you need to talk” Baba

Understand Ma and the sacrifices she’s done for you… you’ll find your grievances are very small in comparison

– The Forever loving Spouse Baba

You got beer for me and no rum for yourself ?? Let me go and get that!”

– The Friend who knows your taste Baba

Aah it’s Sunday and it’s raining – let’s do some rain water experiments

– The believer in learning through games Baba

Nah! I didn’t side with Didi … just that you are the more understanding one so I thought I’ll give in to her whims

– The smart at getting out of sibling fights Baba

I think my daughter is right and not high headed when she tells that about your son

– The keeping my pride intact Baba

Oh you did that wow good, but you sure it couldn’t be done better

– The always keeping me humble Baba

Aah so both of these broke.. ok you fix this and I’ll fix that
– There’s nothing my daughter can’t do Baba

You are 18 and travelling alone to an unknown land– eat the local food to connect, roam on foot alone to know the place and yes imbibe the experience for you might not get a chance again

– The travel fanatic Baba

Never crinkle your nose to Bengali music and never drink more than you can handle, if you don’t respect your culture and limits– the world won’t

– The connecting to roots Baba

Often someone has asked me… if life would have been different had Baba treated me differently.. had I been able to talk back at him… I smile…. I nod my head as to how they mis interpret my silence to be my fear overlooking the times I have screamed at him… I fail to make them understand that I remain mum coz somewhere I know that a few years down the line that’s exactly how I’m going to think….. and trust me I know I’m going to ….
Here’s a man who refused to let me go alone to the relief camp…. but here is a man who let me travel the world all alone… coz his explanation was I knew that’s a battle you would win.. and he was right!!!!… He’s always right when it comes to me and that is what awes me more!
Baba was the hero who lifted me up in the air and I knew that I would land safely in his arms without a doubt.. he was the one who could spin a football on his finger…. he is still the one who can drive hands down… Baba is still my Hero..there’s nothing which my Baba cannot do…
There’s nothing that you have not taught me or imparted.. I am so much you that it amazes me at time .. yet your shoes don’t fit me after so many years and my palms are still minuscule in comparison to yours… you are my hero, my punching bag, my drama moderator, U r my tarpaulin who sets the fighting ground…. yet who on each fall… gives me the push to bounce back …. you are someone i can never be.. for there’s only one Baba like you 🙂
I promise you that I shall never lose… and shall never let you down – and that’s a Lady’s Promise on this Father’s Day :D….
Happy Father’s Day Baba!
Although this was long due, I take this opportunity to flag this for BlogAdda’s Father’s day contest to let people know lucky I am :). To make this day more special i would love to give Baba this personlized key ring from Pring00 which reads “100 – that is your score on “being a Baba report card“… so that whenever I am away and he indulges in our fav activity of driving together, he knows that I am there with him, telling him that he’s been a wonderful father and smiles.

The widget to the gift is here below: