Dear GM,
I remember those times I used to crave for lavish birthday parties with princess cakes and a nice frilly frock to show off. Not to forget the ultra cool goodie bags to give away too!!! I also remember how you used to patiently sit with me and explain that money can never buy friendship and that my friends would love me for simple parties just the way they would for those lavish spreads.
I remember you pain-stakingly explain the futility of money when it came to relationships. I remember the Frooti National Debate when you sat there and helped me gather points on how ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’!
I grew up imbibing it all, geared up to pass the same to my next Gen and then stopped short today. I dunno why, but today am glad that you are oblivious to the surroundings, for this piece of news was surely to set you back…
So renting a friend is in fashion .. wow! … but it’s a pity that I am not up for rent!!! 🙂
But since my BF ditched me yesterday and the other one refused a dance date …. here I am wondering on Saturday whether I should log on and swipe my card….
But then I thought I would blog… for I know here hugs and kisses on offer work better than cards?
So how right am I… common people lemme know who are up for rent for Me …. Lolz 😛