There’s so much to write but then this is the only thing that seems apt for today’s post.

My sister’s friend in Zurich (to me) : OMG… look at that wonderful tan you’ve got!! I refuse to believe is natural, you HAVE to tell me which parlor you visited.

I glow and I beam, I love my tan myself, it makes me look more sporty I feel .. errr for further comments contact Y please ;p … am sticking to modesty here.

My friend’s sister on the Indian shores: OMG S, look how dark you’ve become. Switzerland was supposed to make you fair like milk and cream … tsk tsk… I suggest you go to &*&^ Salon and take their fairness treatment, it’s really good you know! .

This fairness frenzy has always been beyond me. I have always spoken up strongly at forums criticizing dark skin color and have been hushed up saying that my fair skin makes me oblivious to the problems faced in real life. People including family, find it strange that I have never been attracted to fair guys and my recent spat take on the new ‘Max Fair and Lovely’ adv. apparently broke the heart of one of my male cousins!

It irks me, when such pity things as the melanin content in your skin becomes the deciding factor and literate minds take biased stand (they are literate minds not educated for I hold both of them on different footings)!

Had written this long time ago, after reading the Sunday matrimonial section of a regional paper… it so seems to fit now too:

The mother sipped her cup of the freshly brewed tea,
The aroma of the biscuits and the freshly delivered newspaper hung in the air heavily.
The father sat there with a pencil and a pad,
Eager to accomplish the most desirable feat by any dad.

Tons of proposals, the matrimonial supplement was flooded,
In small boxes, black prints, the entire marriageable population seemed hurdled.
But then again not all would do for their loving girl,
Educated, charming, pretty she stood there with lovely curls.

One look at her and a stare back at the circled boxes, the father sighed,
She was fit for them all but then wouldn’t be the desired fair bride.
After decades of uptan and tubes of those lovely fairness creams,
She just couldn’t be the lady of their dreams!

She stood there in front of the mirror gazing at her own face,
An opened email read out in Shakespearean words her bronzer tone and grace.
She wondered if it was just another mail that would cease with time,
After all her mother always said that dark beauties were worth nothing but a dime!


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  1. Very true na, those born with whitish skin want a tan and those with darkened skin want to be fair….life's certainly not fair, the heart wanting what is not.Now a days, I've stopped myself from looking into the matrimonial column – it irritates me – the quest for fair skin, the royal treatment for the word fair…while they see so many dusky ones becoming quite famous for their looks.

  2. Hey, really I am the FIRST…Sags, today is the best day…

  3. It is such a sad state of affairs!!Seriously, why would you want someone just for whitish skin!!!! How can it even be a deciding factor??

  4. What a shame!Deciding on your prospective groom or bride on the basis of skin color is amongst the most foolish basis of settling in matrimony.Don't worry about what people have to say, if you love your tan, enjoy it and forget the rest 😀 :DP.S.- I too did a Thoughtful Thursday today 😀 :DSame Pinch!!

  5. I really like the poem!And the whole 'fairness' thing, well frankly, it used to irk me once upon a time, and now it makes me laugh! Mainly cos things have in fact changed, and junta guys I know find dusky skin 'hot' and fair skin, well 'pretty'! And I don't mind settling for hot over pretty at all ;)The parents are still that way though, my closest friends parents are upset that he is seeing a 'not-as-fair-as-expected' girl! Weird!

  6. Lovely poem Sags !I too am not fond of fair skin or so…I mean I never give it a thought whether some ones fair or not !One has to be fair in the behaviour and mannerisms..that's important !check this:

  7. Absolutely loved the poem.. My adoloscent years were somewhat marred by people going on and on about how I should use masoor daal/ besan/ papeeta/ tamaatar/ nearly every other edible thing you can think of so I became fair. And no, not one of them was my Mom. It used to really upset me. Then I grew up 😀 Stupid people re. They are just amusingly misinformed. Period.Waah! Look at me.. I really have grown up by leaps and bounds in the last few years 😀

  8. literate minds take biased stand …. how is preference for fair skin biased? isn't everyone allowed to choose a beautiful/handsome partner? and doesn't everybody have right to have their own parameters for beauty? isn't beauty subjective like in the eyes of beholder…? where is the bias?

  9. @UmaS: Hey wow… YAY 1st… Nu not around na *ducks* .. ;p … Yup we always seem to crave what we dont have.. the same with striaght hair and curls i feel… but the fascination for a chan ge of melanin has never gone into my head… I dunno those you wanna feel royal and all for their sk,in colour forget that is always bronzed legs that make heads turn!!@Piyu; Yup it is .. truly said very sad… I dunno when people made such factors to decide what looks good and forgot the age old teaching that 'beauty is only skin deep'@Chatterbox: Yup shameful and sad … but u know what CB no matter hoiw much we disagree this is rampant at large still .. am not worried.. am loving my tan and yes to leave all modesty aside I know my guy will also find it hot ;p … hoping over to read your TT now ;)@DI: Yellooo .. thanks!{{{{hugs}}}} …. seriously DI… fair fanatics would never get what they are missing out!! and yes I still stick to 'tall dark and handsome' the fairy tale hangover fitys me fine.. too much fair guys still appear effiminate to me;p@Nu; *checks her watch* – yeh koi time hai yahan aane ka ;p …. thank you 🙂 … loved your posts and yuour take on it… fair v. fair.. wow Nu am impressed!@Tamanna: oh ya… those dadi ma ke nuske used to be never ending esp since i used to be a perpetually outdoor kid ;p … stupid people indeed but more stupid the grown ups who support the fairness cream cult .. grown up and U .. well if u sauy so ;p @Anon: True we are an independent nation: but then again whjy is beautiful and handsome only restricted to low levels of melanin in the skin? if beauty is subject to the eyes pof the beholder why even today when a man brinks home a dark skinned girl he is questioned and counselled? .. oh btw.. welcome to my space 🙂 .. hope to see u around more 😀

  10. well, the frenzy for fairness has only increased in the past couple of years! 😦

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