I thought I wouldn’t blog,
I thought I wouldn’t say,
I thought I wouldn’t make any efforts on this day…
The email is flooded – the first one being Y,
The thoughts, the wishes, the love they all leave me shy!
Then the after drunk morning with the sun even high,
And a foray of special attempts made me think why shouldn’t I share…why?

Why not open the floor for all those who make me feel special every single day,
If you can cope my rants, you should also be a part of the shining hay…

So here I am all charged up and excited and doing what I have never ever earlier done,
Telling people that It’s my Birthday today and I am having a LOT of fun 🙂

(My “all things fav” B’day card  from Piper :D)

The most touchy “Miss you” Birthday card from Piyu 
P.S: All true promises of gifts shall get return gifts from Lindt 🙂 … proportionately of course … Oh did I tell ya people Piper and Piyu are getting chocolates, cheese, wine and a bit of my B’day cake too ;p .. Hurry people let me know what you have in store.. so that I can shop for you too ;D