I never have strong opinions on any matter, i try to be as flexible as possible. But then again I feel certains things should have a demarkated line, like old jokes turning sour.

I feel that a joke which makes the subject go silent and sullen should be taken to be the one which has gone stale and not be repeated. Old laughters shouldn’t be given an excuse to enjoy it over and over again, when it no longer seems funny but merely a mockery and a frustrated claustophobic feeling!!!

It’s not being close, It’s not being funny just as It’s not intending to hurt when the sullen face speaks up. It’s not her wrath, her ego or her non sportingness, maybe she just wants to say, “Step into my shoes and face yourself for a while please” …

But how many times do we realise this over those ‘fits’ of laughter that actually makes someone cry in the heart???