I just can’t rub this conversation off my mind… it has lingered on too much all night and so had to share! I know it’s non-significant, but speaks loads for me – I contemplated on whether it would look stupid here … but then I thought what the heck!
Ma and Baba are visiting sis and b-i-l in Zurich for a loooooooooooooooonnnnnnngggggg time. So technically my family is wooing the Alps while I woo the almost non existent rain Gods here. The time lag usually doesn’t allow a Skype chat and we have to be contended with our Swiss telecom and Airtel bonds. But then last night a few early hours from work at my end and some less evening walks at their end, made a Skype rendezvous possible.
I was excited because the BlogAdda had sent the letter I had written to B on Mother’s Day printed on a special handmade paper (Thanks Harish! You guys made me teary – eyed, I can imagine the effect it’ll have on Ma) and so the Skype call was the perfect added delight.
After mundane talk leg pullings, pseudo dad scrowls, Ma shifted to her room to have our heart to heart talk, just me and her, like always and it went like this – one snippet:
Ma: You want to tell me something?
Me: Na Na… u tell me, did you go to …
Ma: Ok! Out with it, your eyes are shining!
Me: Uff Ma! Nothing.
Ma: Hmmm.. thik aache (ok) … bolo na (don’t say) *puppy look*
Me: Accha Ok! Uff tumi na… ekdom ekta baccha (Oh Ma… you are just like a kid!) Guess what, I have a surprise for you here!
Ma: The Blogadda letter arrived?
Me (totally taken aback, because I had just mentioned it once during a call weeks ago) : How did you know?
Ma: Because you are my B and me your Ma. Aar ‘amar pechone ekhono duto chokh aache’ tomake dekhar jonno! (And I still have a pair of eyes behind my back to watch out for you!)
I kept staring at her with blurred vision … oops sorry B kept staring at her mom with blurred vision. One old dialogue from childhood made me realise how vulnerable I still am without you, as if still that B who used to refuse to sleep without your ‘smell’! I’ll forever be your B Ma!
And don’t you chipko with D so much…. shoooooooooooo move… you are my Ma! ;p