Stroking your hair watching you sleep,
Feeling your snuggle near my heart,
A lump forms near my throat,
Leaving me bewildered from where to start.

A new morning awaits you,
Filled with life and zest,
But tonight I want the moon to shine long,
As I talk to you about not living life in haste.

I want you to scale new heights my child,
Just like all mothers do,
But let the heights be not interpreted to mean summits,
For your carefree childhood years are few.

I want you to sail across life, amidst sweet winds,
I want you to travel across the globe to discover the wonders that are in store,
But let the travel not be alone in a quest to record a sail,
For then it becomes an imprudent rush to settle a score.

I want you to excel in what you love,
I want you to follow your heart,
But then again I want you to enjoy the blessings of childhood,
And not lose little joys and innocence in the pretext of an ‘early start’.

If at 16 you are not old enough to vote, marry or drive,
I also know that you are not suitable for low-oxygen hardships, courtroom drama or sponsor appeal,
For the teenage is the age when you should laugh run and yes have the first brush of ‘crush’
Not sloth away blogging at the mid sea, battling depression and being a part of the media reel!

I hold that true even if you read Well’s at the age of six,
For at 14 you should be into Harry Potter and not debate on micro physics
I know the peer pressure is huge and the competition large,
But then shouldn’t you remain ignorant for a little while more before learning to decipher life’s tricks?

I want to discover more scrapped knees and lasting mad mud-football sprees
I want to probe into that blush of the cheeks and that ‘you are grounded’ stage,
I want to think about fun summer camps and peppy adolescent talks,
I just want you to remain a child till you are allowed by your age.

There’s a lot of time my child for you to make headlines,
There are a lot of moments left to discover the thrill of achieving milestone days,
Let your world now be filled with fun maths, summer treks and leisure trails,
For what’s the haste you would grow up anyways to be absorbed into the mad rat race!

I had promised to myself to keep my blog as light and funny as possible on Friday, after being told so sometime back that it sets the mood for the weekend, but then the Hindu Editorial and the prodigy child news somewhere led me to think whether in the rush of creating news we are robbing our kids of the childhood fun and as kids affect me the most, I couldn’t help the above muse!

The title of the post is one of my old MLTR favs 😀


9 thoughts on “O My Sleeping Child….

Add yours

  1. @Nu: Yay 1st ;p@AT: Thank you so much :p … I was a bit sceptical about the post .. but u made my day 😀

  2. I am not a poetry person, but what you've posted there touched me somwhere.. loved it.

  3. @AT: Thanks once again.. am glad you liked t {{{{{{hugs}}}}}}

  4. It is so deep..and so true..but every parent has to think on these lines..Disappointing article !

  5. @Nu: true Nu but the problem is I see so diff parents around me that I am scared whether I'll raise an uncompetitive dreamer kid who may be labelled as 'special' for no fault of his … but I just don't believe in the rat race… I have survived my childhood being diff so it scares me all the more 🙂

  6. Really really lovely. Took me back in time.
    It’s too rushed a world, the one we live in. Like they say, where’s the time the the time to stop and smell the roses? 😦
    And I love the title!

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