An old school friend at a sudden spotting at the mall: “OMG! Pink Elephant, you’ve become so thin!”
Me *Smiling* *gritting my teeth yet smiling* – “So why the pink elephant’
“Arrey school ki purani aadat yaar!’ (Old habit from school yaar!)
“Haan, padh school toh kab ka chuta …. decade ago.. hai na?” (Ya, but we left school decade ago na?)
“Arrey chor na…. bol na kaise kiya.. Dieting” (Oh! Leave that aside1 Tell me how did you manage this feat.. dieting?)
“Na.. na..playing the “World’s Favourite Sport”! *wink*
“Oh! You still into cricket!”
What! I was stupefied!!! Cricket and World’s Favourite Sport???

Does nobody remember the Kamasutra ad?????

Strangely I came home to check you tube too.. but no luck! I am totally shocked..I still vividly remember the ad *stop smiling girls!* … but it’s lost now! Has it really been so long that even internet doesn’t store the records???

I think I’ll ask Y if he remembers the ad when he gets home tonight! I hope he won’t disappoint me! ;p

Edited to add:

P.S: With nobody remembering the ad I am talking about and everyone raising their eyebrows and pulling my leg, I decided to put my research skills to use! No Didn’t manage to find the video 😦 .. but could come up with this report which rated it as the top ad of 2001 …. – See I was not wrong people!!! Hmmmph!