Heard on Satuday in the autorickshaw (I was travelling alone and 3 girls hopped in, still in their late teens)…

1st one nudging the 2nd one – *Psst* Is he coming?Dekh naa!
2nd one – No! I don’t think so. You were rude to him.
3rd one – Yes, he was so sweet, like always asking you whether he should see you off till the stop… I wish my ABC was also like this! *Sigh*
1st one – Shut up you two! How could he do it in front of the whole tuition class, I am not going to talk to him ever!
2nd one – But! He likes you…
3rd one – Yes! How could you break his heart like this?
1st one – No! I don’t like all this in front of everyone! Look na – is he coming? I wish he doesn’t Dad will be there at the stop to pick me up. Last time also he noticed, this time he’s surely going to question!
2nd one – No he is not, there’s no bike following the auto.
3rd one – Yea there’s no one.
1st one – What! 1st he embarrasses me in front of others and then shows ego by letting me travel alone in the auto at night! I am never going to talk to him!

Some things, some feelings, some conversations are beyond all generation gaps! 🙂