What do you do when something haunts you??? You try to avoid it for sometime. Then when it re-appears in your sleep… you try to oust it out my covering your head with a pillow. Then when printed letters speak in your head through your voice  your try to sing Pussy Cat Dolls as loudly as possible that even the ‘not so cute guy’ next door checks on you!
Yup this is what happens when a ‘rose’ shaped tattoo blog pic haunts me! Nu has been after my life to change my template and finally after giving up has decided to scale the Himalayas! So in order to bring her back to the active blog world I present my new blog look.
I hope you guys like it and on a serious note if you really like it.. kindly address your compliments to Nu without whom this feat would not have been possible!
To continue my thank you speech I would like to state the umpteen number of times she’s stood my me (read been behind my ass) and has actively guided me (read scolded in public forum) and been a moral booster (said tere se nahin hoga mujhe chat pe bula lena) …. for all those times Nu .. Thank you (hey it rhymes!) … What would I have done without you. ;D
And yes now that I have run out of tissues and need to blow my nose vehemently (shall upload the audio file later) I leave it all upto you guys to judge how touched I am by Nu!
A special thanks also to ‘Kiddo’ who helped me realise the vaastu sense and design the blog for maximum traffic. I hope it works else I hope that you’ve recently been to a tarrot card reader! 🙂
Ok the nose is really running I need to go….