What can I tell you about a 20+x years old whose entire family is holidaying in the Alps, a few ‘people’ having momma cooked food while she is here suffering from terrible cramping, except that she cooks on a Friday typical Indian style, sets the table and then blogs!
Yup, it was foody Friday today. This time of the month makes me crave brilliant things, which the normal days I wouldn’t even think of. Today it was Masala Khidchi! Guess wioth so many foody blog posts up … my hormones are not to be totally blamed!
The rains too…. I mean the bare touch of Laila has made life a tiny winy pleasant here, so the air smells heavily intoxicated making the Bong me crave Khidchi all the more.
The smell of rain, makes the Marwari me, remember mess food and I grow sombre again (Yea guys I am a rare species that perpetually craves for my mess food…. It was bliss!). And curd makes me go South Indian in a crazy way to make anybody believe that i can survive on a bowl of fresh curd!
So up and about after a blog ramble… I went to make prepare Masala Khidchi to be had with Curd and Chicken Chettinad… the result is heavy eyelids and a draft unfinished trying to scare the wits out of me.
But then the taste of Khidchi still lingering on my lips makes me smile and avoid eye contact with any scary or arched eyebrows of any thing ‘unfinished’!
Yea Yea enough of ramble, here’s me presenting you the product. Though you can google the recipe… I have tweaked it my style and the result is orgasmic to leave all modesty aside! ;p (In case you want my recipe… let me know i’ll post it here)

Masala Khidchi with curd and chicken chettinad
Oh ya, remember like any true Indian dish the tadka made all the difference, that ghee and red chilli tadka (yea am a true blue Indian maid at all these)! The swimming in ghee khidchi aaah… common flab don’t peek… not today… tomorrow maybe?
Am thinking of sending this snap to all those mortals surviving on Lasange and Fondue there.. I am sure the return will be hastened. What say?
P.S: Y baby, to you I can only say there’s more of me to love baby… yea Ghee(y) me! 😀
P.P.S: Yes Ma I did not forget my “Thank you God for the food we eat” prayer … while my tummy flab murmured … “not exactly thankful for the ghee you fed me” 😀