Tere kitne number aaye? (How many marks did you score)
Tu bata pehle?(You tell first)
Kyon??? Maine pucha na pehle! (Why? I asked you first)
Accha *&^&; percentage aaye.. ab tere bata? (Ok! I got ^%^ percentage, now you say)
First aayi??(Did you come first?)
Nahin… ab tere bata??(No… now you say)
Mere thik thak aaye hain &^7*& percent! (I got ok grades, only ^&7^ percent!)
Wow.. toh dukhi kyon hai?? (Wow.. so why you sulking?)
First nahin aayi aur number thik hai .. kuch khaas nahin. (Because I didn’t come first and my marks are also not too great)
Uh! Ok.. accha sun nikalna hai… party hai! (*Suffocated by then* Uh1 Ok.. listen I gotta go .. am going partying!)
Party? (party? – yea I know this doesn’t require translation, but I am in the sync so didn’t wanna spoil it!)
Haan .. Baba taking me out for a treat! (Ya, Dad taking me out for a treat)
Padh tu first thodi aayi hai?(But, you haven’t come first right?
Isiliye party de rehne hai!!! Bye.. *Click*!(Absolutely, that is why he is taking me out.. Bye *Click*)

Haven’t we all in life at one time or the other faced a friend who had given you answers which have made you puke??? When asked “Kitni padha ki hai tune’ (How much have you studied?), you would get a reply which in the later years of my college life I could lip synch while she/he said ‘Mera toh kuch nahin hua hai! Aur tera?’! ( I haven’t studied anything and you?’. When probed “Tere pass iska answer hai kya?’ (Do you know the answer to this question?), you could see her hiding her notebook and reply with a straight face – ‘Mujhe toh pata bhi nahin tha ki yeh syllabus mein hai’ (I didn’t even know this was in the syllabus!). The same friend would be found breaking his head against the wall (just like Chatur of 3 idiots fame!) when not topping the exam despite of getting a par excellence CGPA!
And then there have been people like me, who’ve never had a gold medal around their necks and have perpetually been satisfied standing on the second footing of the wining pedestal! When woken up by college friends by innumerable STD calls to enquire if I topped, I would be found swimming away to glory and when told about the results being announced my eternal answer would be ‘college jaake dekh lungi, change thodi ho jayega’ (I’ll go to college and check it on the board – it won’t change by then right? – when going back to college was almost a month away). My parents came to know my results through a call from my best friend or the university letter (which ever reached them first) and often asked me if I really didn’t care? My favorite answer would be did Netaji care ?? A giggly me would be hugged by Baba and we would be off to celebrate over a glass of rum (further stigmatizing my friends, who just couldn’t understand how could a father offer a daughter a drink!)
But why this today??? Aaah well the Kumble tribute and then the tribute to Ma, both saw an enthusiastic me. I simply loved writing for both. What I loved all the more was the level of interaction these contests come to offer. I made so many new blog friends that I feel like bowing down to Blog Adda. People actually made an attempt to hop over my blog and read my entry. Till last week the blog whose visit chart read 467, today reads almost 700! And you think winning is more important???- I say this in response to a sarcastic SMS from a friend who apparently follows my blog and commented that lady luck seems not to be on my side and that i should take a break!
Competition is good, but then again it’s time we leave aside the age-old concept of winning and losing when we enter a contest. When my dad celebrated with me on a participatory prize with equal enthusiasm with which he did when my sister came first in a dance camp, unknowingly he had imparted the most important lesson to me.
To say that I am nonchalant to losing would be lying. To say “Oh! Common it’s just a blog competition would again be lying – for to me my blog is very important and special! Yes, losses and failures do bug me and I have admitted the same openly, but then again seldom are those losses associated with material gains or acknowledgments.
When the entire journey of the competition is so wonderful and filled with so much contentment, I feel that the end makes no difference my friend. It’s like having a large and lavish meal filled with the cuisine you love, only to find that your best friend got the last piece of the cake. Would you be angry or rather thank God for that, as to refuse would be rude and to gorge would mean to puke at home!!!
I think it’s time you grew up dude, else I can see you admonishing your child for each of his failings, giving little regard to the learning he inculcated in the way!
And yes, I think you need to start blogging and participate to know what pleasure it brings, when someone says “I wish I could send this letter to my daughter”’ after reading your letter or someone comments “Loved every word of your tribute and what a relief to find a gal who follows the game as I do”, after reading your tribute.
Do you know how it feels when people you barely know invite you to their celebration party, or when a virtual name offers you to help you do a blog make over? Do you know how it feels when a blog buddy helps you to crack a crazy word game or when a person whom you know with a pseudo name, asks you to write to her when you are low and offers to listen? Do you know how lovely it is to fight over a plate of virtual sabudana khicdchi or even mangoes and yes not to mention cakes too!!
Did you say it’s all illusory??? Well that is because you have never waited with anticipation for a baby who’s mother you know only through her blog and a book. You have never even felt sad when an little angel fell ill who’s only backside you are familiar with! Or have you felt melted with the love a particular YO had shown towards his grandfather? Have ever felt wisened when a mate whom you’ve never met has educated you on how not to mix two social issues and give each one their due importance? Do you know how satisfying it is to make a friend smile, even though you may not be there to witness the same?
Nah! you don’t for you only know how to count trophies and bank balance and forget that the most precious things to be counted are the blessings, love and laughter the trophy called ‘life’ gives us!
So today as I msgd you back that I’m happy being Netaji and you smirked away, you didn’t see Ma standing at the doorstep of the house, waiting for the chitthi to arrive which I had written to B, you didn’t see the pink envelope that lay on my bed today where she’s written me something on the daughter’s day she missed! You don’t see me asking the watchman when I return home each day to ask ‘Bhaiya koi parcel aaya kya?’ (Am awaiting the Nishant Kaushik book!) You didn’t see the content on my face for my first cricket piece despite of being with me, which was amusingly noticed by a girl sitting miles across in Dubai – via my blog! You didn’t see my name being known by so many people and my love for this blog interaction that me the social networking hater has joined twitter!
So today as I hug all my winner friends and you sulk when they hug me back I feel like standing with them and signing – Shut Up!
And yes, I know they’ll join me, for like me they too win to act as if they are used to it and lose to show as if they are enjoying it for a change! (yea yea with due credit to Ralph Waldo Emerson – Blogging taught me to respect copyrights more than my law degree did!)
I am elated today and a stupid SMS from you can’t mar my happiness, so I’m off with mom to get drunk while you roll your eyes all that you want!
Oh yes, not before telling all my blog friends a BIG THANK YOU (for singing that song with me – with Nancy taking the lead of course!) and Blog Adda for helping me re-discover my passion! A big *Muaaaaaah*!!! (yea Harish believe your luck!!! It’s for you too ;p!)
**The title literally can be translated to me ‘Do you know the results are out?’
P.S: Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose (an Indian historic politcal figure) never stood first in any exam. Right since childhood till the Indian Civil services exam he always stood second! I consider him to be more successful than the person who always beat him!