Religious wars and fatwa’s repulse me. Yes they do because somewhere being in close contact with Hinduism, Greek Orthodox Christianity and Islam throughout my growing years, I have come to build my own concepts of religion where the standard ones do not fit in!
I never blog about religious sentiments too, as my own principle, because somewhere they depress me and since I feel I am doing little to clean up the society I might as well talk when I practice and not merely preach.
But then today’s post is not about religion it’s about professional ethics and righful conduct! I am somewhere very passionate about my own profession, mainly because I have fought my way up to become a lawyer. So when people of my profession go wrong, somewhere I am ashamed more than when so called wrongs are meted out to my religion!
I still remember as a young adolescent I used to wait for Sportstar and Cricket (does anyone remember this A5 shaped magazine?? I hope Minal says yes ;p!) to hit the stands. There was a thrill to go through those glossy coloured pages, which tracked various tours of the teams and a few snaps, which gave a glimpse of off-the field moments. My cricket journal still has a Shane Warne dancing to Usha Uthup and Jadeja swaying away with an unknown girl at a party.
You see the 90’s, which I belonged to, didn’t have IPL nights where free flow of ‘good times’ were live telecasted on a popular music channel. I have never grown up to witness my idol endorsing an addictive product. I still remember when Jadeja first endorsed the “Hoola-La-La-La-Ho-Le-O”, it was the first time an ad was taken off the air for being suggestive and later re-launched with the tag ‘mineral water’.
I personally don’t have any grudges against endorsements. I perfectly understand the need of Dhoni in the cement industry! But what I don’t understand is this – Sania Bhabhi Gutka
No I am not one of those who stems out this argument out of the Quran she read which states:
“…he [the Prophet] commands them what is just, and forbids them what is evil; he allows them as lawful what is good, and prohibits them from what is bad…” (Qur’an 7:157).
I am perturbed because the above makes me remember that when World Health Organization (WHO) launched World No Tobacco Day in 2002 (May 31) the Indian Tennis Federation signed on “Tobacco Free Sports” Canvas and confirmed their support.
As I said professional irresponsibilities and misconducts irk me. But then if you believe in individual freedom and to you such is not misconduct, I am sorry. But just a request can you tell guide me as to what I should say when while I would urge my son to drink milk, showing him the ad which features Yuvraj Singh promoting the Punjab Milk Federation, what would I tell my daughter who would pick up a packet of gutka showing her idol tennis star?
P.S: In case you want to defend saying Sania did not know, well going a little over board with my language here (though the official launch was done at the same city where she is currently residing) – ‘Gimme a break from that &^&*^ please!)And if Whoever tweeted the that the cover of the gutka wraper was digital art and only suggestive, I would say does that make any differnece?