Yea yea I know I shoudn’t be blogging when I’m drunk but then what the hell!!! Am happy and high today and had an awesome time. Danced so much that heels broke (yes yes .. but luckily Bata and not Choos ;P), laughed so much that still having hiccups and was voted the tangy dancer and spicy cocktail (whatever that means!!!). I know I am to regret this post tomorrow morning as much I am too regret memories of my escapades tonight. But then till BF drives into my head and the knowledge of the rest of the world am just to have fun and smile…. it’s only after that – that I’ll forget all those things which I know to be true and then live in denial!
Making little sense huh??? So what was I to write… Aaah yes… lessons of the night.. 10 things not to do when you are drunk:
1. Never never think that you can sing karoke, when in reality you can’t. Worse don’t go up to the band and demand strumming the guitar even if it’s your friends bar and on refusal dont tell then guitarist for heaven’s sake that he looks cute without the guitar.. it’s cheesy corny and doesn’t work!!!!
2. Never mix tequila with rum, if mom taught you deadly concotations kindly pay attention to her greying hair if not her drinking knowledge.
3. Do not do Salsa to a Quawali and poise for a video.. esp when you know how your friends use Facebook!
4. Never call your ex to tell him his weakenesses… when you just dont know where to stop!
5. Never whisper to your BF’s boss that the lady next table is wearing a “tent’ when you have no idea that the “lady” is his wife! And if you do, kindly be prepared tio offer your friend your job!
6. Never demand another drink when there’s already one of the table whispering to the bartender that you think terrorists are on their way to loot the bar and prevent you from drinking!
7. Do not talk about the pink things you own!!!! If you do kindly avoid detailed descriptions!
8. Never issue a global warming coupon to a cute stranger who laughs out too loud at your jokes, when he asks for your number!
9. Never ask your friend to scratch your nosetip when an imaginary mosquito bites while holding two empty shot glasses!
10. If you do the above, never remember that you did any of the above the next morning and if you do don’t take calls or delete your facebook profile!
I know I’ll regret this tomorrow morning.. but till realisation strikes hope I can make you smile the way I am bateesi all out!
P.S: If any of you ask questions am not bound to answer!